LeBron James Almost Cry In A Video Tribute Given By Miami Heat Organization

On LeBron James return to Miami at American Airlines Arena on Christmas day. Miami Heat, spoil  LeBron’s, return  as the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers  101-91.

LeBron lead the Cleveland Cavaliers with 30 points but shot only 10-18 in free throws, On the other  hand Miami Heat Dwane Wade scored 31 points  shooting 12 of 28 from the field.

But the highlights of the games featured the much awaited anticipation of Miami fans on how they will welcomed LeBron James? During pre- game as LeBron, introduced mixed reaction was heard, some fans cheered for Lebron, some boo him!

One of the announcer said this is not the right way to welcomed the man who help the Miami Heat organization in four staight finals appearance and leading the team to win 2 NBA titles.

As the games start, LeBron greet and hug his former team mates, especially his best friend Dwane Wade, which he hug with pure emotion.

During first quarter at the first time out of the game, the Miami organization take the opportunity to  played a video tribute on LeBron James,  a tribute of all the accomplishment and highlights of LeBron in Miami’s organization.

After the video tribute end, the fans, give LeBron, an standing ovation to the man’s who help to win the Miami franchise of 2 NBA Championship.

LeBron, acknowledge the fans, by waiving his hand, but as you can see in the video, LeBron has a teary eye emotion, whom you may think that it really touches his heart on the tribute and memories of the team he had during the last four year with Miami Heat.

Announcer said this is the right way to welcome LeBron James!

The game has a lot of emotion especially LeBron James and Dwane Wade, you can see in their reaction Best friend forever.

James Jones and Mike Miller, also featured a Video tribute, as being part of the Miami Organization,
source: NBA, youtube