An Entity Was Caught In The Video In Real Time, As The Tsunami Hit Japan

On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by a magnitude-9 earthquake which shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a devastated tsunami.

During the occurrence of the devastated tsunami, as it happen a man recorded the video of the tsunami, on the said video which something was caught that make people puzzled?  What is the thing that was recorded? Is it a ghost? A creature? Or something that natural people cannot be explain? The said video was uploaded and has been viral in the social media as well in youtube.

As shown in the video, a man recorded Tsunami as it happen in real time, as he incidentally recorded a thing or something in the water at 3:13 mark, a creature  jumps out of the water and climb up and suddenly disappeared.

The creature which has a colorless appearance like in a movie “Predator”? as it seems he is trying to save his life from tsunami? Which is more likely in the said recorded footage.

On the later part of the said video, again the creature, entity or something, shows again as he trying to escape from one house to another.

 Netizen’s has given their opinion on the said video, some say that its just a smoke? A strong wave which moves upward the house? Whatever it seems on their opinion you’ll be the judge on the video footage that you have seen? Is it real? Or another Photoshop edited?

One thing is for real, it becomes viral, seems legit and made me interesting.

Our world have many mystery, maybe they are living with us without seeing and knowing them? Like a ghost, entity, and other creatures which many of us do not believe?
source: youtube