Video: Extreme Turbulence Forced American Airlines To Take Emergency Land To Japan

A recent video was circulating in the social media which about a passenger that recorded the turbulence they experience during their flights.

On the said video you may see the horrible experience of the passenger which are afraid, shouting, terrified, praying for their lives, and even one of the passenger said that he loves his family.

The American Airlines plane which departured from Seoul, South Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas had made an emergency land to Narita, Japan, last Tuesday after several of the passengers and crew were injured by the turbulence during their  flight.

American Airplane Flight 280, was departed the  Incheon International Airport which destination to Dallas-Fort Worth when an intense winter storm happen and  shook the cabin and caused injuries that forced the airplane to divert flight to Japan.

The said incident has injured 14 passengers and crew member who need a medical attention, said by Andrea Huguely an American spokeswoman.

Report said that four passenger and a crew has been transferred to the nearest hospital for further observation and medication., All of the passenger who suffered injury are not were life threatening.
The flight will not continue on to Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday, Huguely said.

All passengers currently stayed to a hotels and they will resume their flights to DFW on Wednesday.

On The Weather Channel reports ,American Airlines  Boeing 777 carrying 240 passengers and a crew of 15. Had experience an intense winter storm which was develop over Japan, with blizzard warnings in northern and western sections of the said country.
source:CNN, youtube