Is Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle And Olsen Racela Are More Deserving To Be Listed In The 40th Greatest Player?

A lot of Sports fan, especially Basketball fan’s, criticizes the latest lists of PBA Greats, with the inclusion of 15 players  that will be added to the first 25 Greatest Player of the PBA.

The addition of 15 Greatest Player will happen into the celebration of PBA  40th season.

Netizens and sports fan’s, debate on what is the basis of the PBA , on choosing the additional 15 Greatest Player?

It must been played in the PBA for five season, won Major awards and an impact to his team.
definitely, the choosen 15 players are qualified but the question is, are they the one who really deserved?

 Is there any other PBA greats that are not included? Is it too early for other chosen PBA Greats to be included?  This is some of the question and comments that netizens and sports fan’s are debating on this addition of 15 Greatest Player.

The 15 additional PBA greats are, Danny Illdefonso, who has won 2 MVP, multiple Championship with the SMB franchise  and definitely deserved to be in the PBA Greats.  James Yap, 2 time MVP, Grand slam Champion, one of the most popular player in the PBA today, definitely deserved in the list.

Willer Miller, 2 time MVP, Asi Taulava, Eric Menk, Kelly Williams, Jay Jay Helterbrand, Mark Caguiao, Jimmy Alapag  and Arwind Santos has won 1 MVP respectively. With out a doubt they are MVP and had make an impact on their respective team.

The other 5 PBA Greats that has not won an MVP, but won some other major awrads and made an impact to their team are, Kerby Raymundo made an impact during his tenure in Purefoods, Chito Loyzaga, one of the famous Loyzaga brothers and been famous as a Ginebra player, Marlou Aquino, made an impact to Ginebra, Jason castro and Marc pingris, also made an Impact to their team.

Some might say that Arwind Santos, Kerby Raymundo, Jason Castro and Marc Pingris are too early to be included in the PBA Greats? Why? because, Jason Castro , Arwind Santos and Marc Pingris are still in their prime of there career and a lot more years to prove more in their PBA career? Some say that perhaps they should belong in the next PBA 50 Greatest Players?

 Another debate that  there are some more great players that has been enlisted despite the Impact they brought to their team and to the PBA.

Some say, Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle, Olsen Racela , Jeffrey Cariaso, Paul Alvares, Dondon Ampalayo are much more deserving to be listed in the PBA Greatest Player? That’s the question that only the PBA officials can answer on what is the basis of including the PBA Greatest Player?

But definitely whether they included or not Nelson Asaytono, Danny Seigle , Olsen Racela are proven an impact player and to the true fans of PBA Basketball these three might in their list as one of the 25 Greatest Player?