A Terrace House In London Turns Out To Be A Fortress

Andy Martin, an Australian who lives in North London and an designer who worked for rock star Noel Gallagher and variety of fashionable restaurants.

Mr Martin, who bought the property for £620,000 in 2012, talked concerning his home in The London Magazine last year.

Mr. Martin, designed a picket fence for his own residence however some neighbors complain, who claimed it created the house appear as if a sinister and fort, was out of character with the road, and will really be a magnet for burglars ,who may hide behind it.

But Martin, said that he designed a fence so that his family are  protected. ‘We had some issues with somebody being pursued into our house late at night, and it’s place my young youngsters situation where they're quite nervous currently, ‘It’s extremely helped for them. It provides us lots additional security. 'It provides us two lines of defense before getting into the house.

But neighbor Paula Garcia, 43, said: ‘It’s sort of a very little prison, not a house.
‘To amendment the planning of the road isn't nice. once the milkman or builders come over they always ask, “Why are these folks doing this?” ’

IT employee Dilip Hirani, 52, delineated  the fort house as ‘an eyesore’ and said: ‘I don’t grasp what they're protective.  'They should be running around naked or one thing.’

Writer Shyama Perera, another neighbor, said: ‘It ruins the planning of the road and I’m troubled others can imitate. 'It’s not acceptable.’

That is what happened at this terrace house in North London, wherever owner Andy Martin put in a 6 ft 5 in fence around his front garden, while not designing permission.

Council has dominated he cannot create it appear as if a picket fort – although he claims it's an important defense necessary to make his youngsters feel safe.

After mr Martin was told to use for retrospective designing permission, his barricade was rejected. He can currently need to take it down, however is mystified at the opposition.

A spokesman for the council said that designing permission was needed for a fence or wall to the front of a property which might be quite one meter, or 3 foot 3 in, high.
source: dailymail