Viral Video: Angel Save A Man In A Bike

This Viral Video was taken on  May 9, 2012, its more than 2 years since then. I have no idea on when  it was uploaded on youtube or social media, but it became viral since then.

I have watch these video on youtube last year, but to some who have not watch this amazing video, I will share this link to take some comment from all of you guys.

This viral video is about a man or angel or maybe something which is not human, who save a man in a bike, which is in danger of hitting by a truck.

As you can see in the video a sudden burst of speed towards the man in a bike and a bright lights appeared as the truck, passing through.

As the truck pass through you can see the man in the bike suddenly appeared in the upper right side of the road, at the exact same time which the bike will about to be hit by truck, The man or whatever it might be? Who ave him is might be using a teleportation? you can also see the glowing in his hand as he release the bike of the man.

Then the saviour suddenly walks out through the man he save, and as if there is nothing happen and continue his jogging.

Meanwhile the truck driver who though he hit something  has stop, and went under his truck to see what he hit? But find nothing.

At the said video you can also see the burn of wheels on the road in the middle of intersection which caused by the truck which caused on the sudden break of the truck.
Netizen’s had different point of views on the said video, some say it is real? Some say it is another Photoshop edited?

Whats your comment on the said viral video? You’ll be the judge?
source: youtube