Airport Police Officer Smashed a Cab's Window After The Driver Refused To Give His License

A Viral Video was circulating lately in the social media of an Airport Cop who was caught smashing a window of a Taxi driver.

Report said that PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr, who was an airport cop at the Terminal 3 Police Division is forcing an MGE Taxi Driver whos name is Boots Imagata to give his license,

 But Pineda refuses the airport cop, which believe that the Taxi driver made a violation of picking a passanger at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3.

On the said video, Boots Imagata refused to the cop to surrender his license, which he felt that he was being singled out by Airport cop Pineda which make Pineda angerd to Taxi driver as he smashed the windows of the said vehicle at the left side of the driver’s side.

Manila International Airport Authority ,General manager Jose Angel Honrado, said in an interview that PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr an Airport Officer assigned at Terminal 3 Police Division is temporary relieved of his duty while the investigation is ongoing.

As of now he was releived, we will see if Pineda is the one who commit the mistake? He told.

PO2 Alejandro Pineda Jr, has filed a complaint at the Pasay fiscals office against Boots Imagata, the Taxi driver which he filed for resisting arrest and disobeying a cop or person of authority.

Another separate complaint which against to Taxi driver Boots Imagata filed at the Land Transportation Office, which is said that Imagata accused for obstruction of traffic and disregarding traffic signs.

General manager Jose Angel Honrado, also said that before the incident happen, the taxi driver Imagata, had already been warned twice not to pick up passengers at the airport.

He said that the Taxi driver was caught twice but  he  just escape the Security guard during that time. But this time he refused to be arrested. The said video, which only tells one part of the story, sometimes you need to be discipline, he said.

A NAIA -3 security guard, said that a lot of many unauthorized taxi drivers, violates the designated  authorized zones.
source:yahoo, youtube