Viral Video:"Lebron James Jr." Has A High IQ In The Game Of Basketball

Lebron James is making headlines on Youtube but this time  it’s the younger Lebron James Jr.
The ten year old kid lebron, the son of the Cleveland cavaliers superstar Lebron James Sr. has made hits on his viral video on youtube.

The video was about the Lebron James Jr.'s highlights from day 1 of the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic with Houston's nationally ranked Gulf Coast Blue Chips 4th grade squad.

Lebron James jr. who played like his father, see’s a great potential at his young age of being a great basketball player, which most likely a resemblance of his father.

Lebron James Jr., has already have the vision in the game of basketball, as you can see in this viral video, he has already have high IQ in the game of basketball. He can score, dribble, pass and rebound, an all around player just like his dad. A court vision which he get’s from his dad.

Lebron James sr, tells about his son, He’ll be alright, he’s got the chance if he really loves the game and he works at it, he has a chance to be good basketball player. But he’s still young. Just play the game and  love the game. Don’t worry about anything else.

James said that his son is not aware that the video of highlights of day 1 of the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday went viral.

If Lebron James Jr, continue his fashion and love the game of basketball? We might see, another  second generation of Lebron James, who will dominant the game? Like father like son.
sources: espn, youtube