Viral Picture Of Ghostly Image Captured During Chito and Neri Wedding Celebration

A recent wedding happen between  Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. but the talk of Netizen's in the world of social media is that some thing was caught in the picture that during chito and Neri, was cutting their cakes. some say it was a ghost of a man that was staring at Chito and Neri, some say it was just a man that his images was not fully developed?

The said picture was released by Official page of Universal Records Philippines.

Netizen's has different point of views of the said viral picture of Chito and Neri with a ghostly picture, some say that a ghost was really captured, some say that a man or one of their guest that just passing by and other comments say's that they don' t care if that's a ghost or not?

As of now, Chito Miranda and Neri Naig has no reaction or comments on the said Ghost image that has been captured during their wedding celebration which happen last December 13 and last December 14, in a garden wedding in Tagaytay.

source: abs-cbn