Purefoods Star Hotshots Championship Reign Has Ended By Meralco

Last December 11, 2014, it marks the end of the 4th straight championship of Purefood’s Star Hotshots formerly known as San Mig Super Coffee Mixer.

Meralco Bolts ended the the dominance of Purefoods in the last four conferences, as they end the Streak of the recently Grand slam Champion San Mig Coffee Mixers  (Purefoods).

Purefoods Star Hotshots  former ly San Mig,  is known for their poor start every start of the conference but when it matters most during playoff’s they  showed the character of a true champion and becomes champions for 4 straight conference and won their first ever grand slam.

But this time their luck ended as Meralco Bolts dethroned the defending Champion last Thursday  77-65.

On the early start of the Philippine cup, Purefood’s loose Ian Sangalang, in an injury during their first game, Marc Pingris did not play for 3 straight  as a rest given to him by the coaching staff.

As the Philippine Cup conference proceed Purefood’s again start the season on a poor start, they finish the elimination round with  6 wins and 5 loss placing # 7 in the standing, tied with Ginebra  San Miguel and Meralco Bolts but due to quotient system Purefoods became the # 7 spot in the standing to face the Meralco Bolts on a twice to beat advantage which favor on  Meralco Bolts.

Purefood’s recently acquired Mick Pennissi in a trade, to make the team front court strong and competitive?  In preparation of the upcoming playoffs. But unfortunately this time the things did not turn on their side.

There is nothing to be ashame , Purefood’s has became Champion of the last 4 conference’s became a Grand Slam team after winning the last conference. definitely a proud team even after loosing to Meralco.

Purefood’s will defend their Championship next conference.  Early preparation and time to healed some injury and maybe became champion once again?