Afghan Man Abas Ali Zada or “Bruce Hazara", The Present Resemblance Of The Late Kung-Fu Star "Bruce Lee"

A young fighter in Afghanistan. Abas Ali Zada, who idolized the king of Kung –Fu, Bruce Lee.
Has been famous through Social media and Youtube because of the resemblance of him to the late Bruce Lee who died 40 year’s ago. .

 Abas Ali Zada or “Bruce Hazara,” as his facebook friends called him,  has a lot of similarity to Bruce Lee, Both are Kung-Fu expert and have a great similarity in their looks which might think you that this man from Afghanistan is the reincarnation of the late Kung-Fu star Bruce Lee.

Abas Ali Zada, begin his Internet sensation when he began posting some of Bruce Lee’s famous moves in his facebook page and immitation as Bruce Lee impersonator.

Abas Ali Zada, said that he train's twice a week to be able to achieve his goal. He came from a poor family with a number of 10 children. His parent cannot afford to send to the school for martial arts, but a trainor who mentored him anyway to learn martial arts.

source: youtube

For now, he wants to make it to the big screen, and to be able to give some good press or news to Afghanistan country.