How Miami Heat Fan's Will Welcomed LeBron James On Christmas Day

On Christmas day at Miami, LeBron James will be welcomed back in American Airlines Arena, Miami. LeBron James, opt his contract in Miami last July 1, 2014 and decided to go home and joined the Cleveland Cavaliers on an essay he send to Sports Illustrated, making his decision that he is coming home last July 11, 2014.

Cleveland fan’s celebrate on knowing the decision and Miami Heat fan’s dismay of the decision.
After several months LeBron will finally go back at Miami as a contender suiting  his jersey Cleveland Cavaliers.

As he enter the Arena, on Christmas day, familiar people, workers, camera shot at every corner and having some small talks to the people that he known which he has been  in his four years stayed in Miami Heat, American Airlines Arena.

Before the game start, a tribute will be happen in honor of Dan Marino and Michael Jordan with retired jerseys.

Also a tribute for LeBron James, as he help the Miami Heat, organiztion in four straight finals appearance and having won 2 NBA Championship Titles.

Lebron said, he’ll be excited to see his former teammates, the guys he went in four year’s in Miami, the coaching staff, It will be a great time.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron, best buddy, said that, he hope  Miami fans, give some love and appreciation on what LeBron James, contribute in the Miami organization.

NBA Sports Analyst, points of view, on LeBron’s return in Miami, James introduction, should not be booh? Fan’s should appreciate on what LeBron’s, brought in the organization for the past four year’s. but when the game start, then fan’s has the right to booh LeBron, as a competitor and he is no longer Miami Heat player.

Diffeerent people comments on the return of LeBron’s returns to Miami, some say Lebron’s  should receive a warm welcome? But some say, he did not deserved to be welcomed? Just like what happen on James return to Cleveland, as he decided to get his talent in south beach.

Can’t wait to see the reaction of Miami fan’s on Lebron’s return? Will fans welcomed him with love or hatred as LeBron left the  organization? Let’s see on December 25, on Christmas Day.
source: NBA