Are We Alone In This World? NASA Confirmed An Alien Spacecraft Captured By Hubble Telescope

This viral news was published by about an extraterrestrial beings heading towards the earth.
 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Officials report that, they believe that extraterrestrial beings traveling towards planet earth and it is estimated that it will be arriving on Earth on December 18, 2014.

For the first time in human History that an extraterrestrial beings have been actually heard and observed through telescope and sound waves. NASA, officials said that they captured sound frequencies of the oncoming of extraterrestrial beings and they even heard their voices?

This discovery about the on coming of extraterrestrial beings on earth are the most shocking discovery yet. The debate for centuries of whether or not that alien creatures really exist? But today, we definitely assured the answer, that we are not alone on this World?

NASA scientist said, we don’t know what to expect from them? What they look like? How they will be act to us? Do they come in hear on peace as friends? Or conquer us as their enemy? Or will they came to harm us?

The risk possibility of these alien beings to come to Earth and hurt human are very high, according to NASA officials. Could they be a 4th world war break out? A war between human race and alien race?

NASA officials, cannot tell the actual images of the Alien beings, how they look by using the Hubble telescope. They can only see the spacecraft that they are using towards Earth.

A total of 6 spacecrafts which believed to have same size of about half of football field. As shown in Hubble telescope.

 As of now, President Barrack Obama, has not yet make any public statement of the incoming extraterrestrial beings, but it is expected to make statement anytime soon
source: huzlers