Facebook Drop's Popularity In American teenager's

U.S. Teenagers Are fast  Deserting Facebook Faster Than Ever as they are much preferred on using  the like’s of  Snapchat  and Twitter.

A recent survey’s  that american teenager’s age  from 13 -17 year’s old  which are using social media are fast deserting the Facebook, faster than ever.

In a report which stated that the percentage of those who using Facebook dropped 6 percent from 94 percent last year to 88 percent in this year 2014. In year 212 to 2013 it only drops at 1 percent.

Analyst said that this is not the first time in a sudden drop on Facebook's popularity likely with teenagers.  The company and co-founder , CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has  gone on the record , he said , based on our data, that’s simply not true.

Zuckerberg added If the numbers are not growing in that demographic,  that’s is only because the Facebook  site is already so deeply attached in the life of the US teenager that there’s nowhere to grow.

Frank N. Magid Associates Inc., the group that are behind on the said report, stated that teenagers in america are more spending their time in messaging application's and even Twitter, which now boasts 48 percent engagement in that age group.

Teenager are more attracted  to newer services or application  like Snap chat and messaging apps which are at their youthful user base. After all, with their parents and even their grandparents are using the social network Facebook, no wonder that teenagers are saying thanks but no thanks to Facebooks.

 After all, they are just kid's whatever is the latest or new application available in the market? it makes them interested? so for now snapshot and twitter? tomorrow who knows?
source: time