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"Tetris" Improves and Help Our Brain In Just Playing The Game

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Now a days a lot of computer games are out in the market.  A lot of people, specially kids are obsessed on playing computer games whether its online or offline games and because of these they neglect their education that leads through their addiction in the computers games.

But what if there is a games that can help us improves or help our brain to gain more knowledge and improves our brain development.

Tetris has been aged for almost 30 years, the game is played by aligning and rotating falling blocks. It seems  like a simple game, in todays standard. Some say it burst brain power but it can be a highly addictive. Is “Tetris” may lead to tipping point from good or bad?

Studies shows that playing “Tetris”  for about  1 1/2 hours  a week for 3 months can help change the structure of the brain.

• The cerebral cortex may become thicker.
• Other area of the brain becomes more efficient.
• Reduce some flashbacks for people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

How "Tetris" able to help our brain?
Tetris, helps us on our natural desire to organize our things, complete tasks and achieve our goals. it gives us  constant stream of "incomplete tasks and there's always a new block to consider and place in the game, which keeps your brain focused. change how we think about the world around us.

So, there are still a good games to play with. hopefully people specially teenager's will be able to try “Tetris” 1 1/2 hours  a week for 3 months is not bad to try, just try it, maybe it might works.

Talk'N Text Won Their 7th PBA Title, Outlasting Rain Or Shine In Double Overtime

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Bigger heart became a weapons of talk ' N Text to knock  out the top seeded Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, in a very exciting game that leads to a double overtime  with a score of 121-119 in Game 7.

Talk’N text won their 7th Championship as they ended their series against rain or Shine, as they grab the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Champion last night at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Talk’N Text won in game 1 (99-92), Game 4 (99-92), Game 5 (103-94) and Game 7 (121-119) which lead them to win the series 4-3. While the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter won, game 2 (116-108), Game 3 (109-97) and Game 6 (101-93).

This is the 7th  title of Tropang Texter since they joined the PBA, their first title was in 2003, as the won the All Filipino Cup, the second title was won in 2008-2009 Philippine Cup,  the third title was won in  2010-2011 Philippine Cup, the fourth titles was won in 2011 Commissioner’s Cup, the fifth titles was won in 2011-2012 Philippine Cup, the six title was in 212-2013 Philippine Cup and yesterday they grab their seven title.

Great  offense was shows early by the Tropang Texter as  Ranidel de Ocampo, import Ivan Johnson and commissioner’s cup Best player of the conference Jason Castro, shows an impressive shooting in the three point area  early in the first quarter.

Rain or Shine, has start the second quarter on fire as they cut the lead of TNT 28-33. But TNT retaliates as they brought back the lead in double digit 38-28.

In the third quarter, the game became physical as Ivan Johnson and chris Tiu was given technical fouls as the two  clashed. With the help of TNT Jason Castro after making a 3 point play the lead of TNT balloons to 13 points 73-60. But Paul Lee and the ROS, quickly retaliates as they brought down the lead into single digit 76-69 at the end of the third quarter TNT leads by seven/

At the  fourt quarter, TNT leads ROS 84-80, when Chris Tiu, makes a big basket from the outside three point area, cutting the lead of TNT to one, 84-83, four minutes remaining in the fourt quarter.  Jason Castro, quickly answered the rally of ROS as he hits back to back thress, to up their lead to 90-83.

In 26.2 seconds remaining in regulation, import of ROS Chris Chism,  tied the game  97-97 all after making a big three.  Jason Castro and Chris Tiu, both missed their shots that leads to Overtime.

In Overtime both team shows exchanging of basket that leads to second overtime 106 all. But the determinations od TNT that leads them to beat ROS in second overtime 121-119. This is also the first double overtime in Game 7 that happen in the PBA History.

A Little Girl Suffered A Motor Accident After His Father Left The Engine Runs

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A video of a little girl, standing behind a store while waiting for his father to buy some goods in the store was captured in a camera that shows the whole  incident to the little girl.

While the little girl, awaits for his father, out of curiosity she  decided to board their motor bike where at that time the motor bike engine is still running. the girl decided to accelerate the motor bike throttle, as it suddenly accelerate and runs toward and crash in a large dripping pan,  as she falls down at the same time where the vehicle crash.

After the sudden accident, his father, runs towards her for the rescue. As you can see in the video a dog also runs toward the little girl as the accident happen, what do you think of the dogs act? Is it the dog going to help the girl?  Who knows?

The video was uploaded in the social media, to warn all parents, that  if you brought a child  in a motor vehicle, don’t leave your child  alone in the vehicle or make sure that the engine is stop, especially motor bike. while you are buying something in a store or some convenient store, You will never know what a child thinking? Because they are young there is a lot of curiosity out of them.

This video will serve a learning experience for a father, who left his motor engine vehicle running that leads to her daughter accident . luckily the child did not suffer injury? and  for her daughter, this will serve a warn for her that never ever used a motor  bike that you don’t know how to run.
source: youtube

NBI Pursuit On Capturing "Ike" An African Descent, Who allegedly The Conspirator Of Maria Kristina Sergio, On Veloso's Case

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the National Bureau of Investigation is in a manhunt operation , to a man who  had "African - looking"  who allegedly conspirator of  Maria Kristina Sergio , who allegedly recruited and deceived Mary Jane Veloso for bringing  drugs while entering Indonesia .

In an interview , said Justice Secretary . Leila De Lima to interact with their counterparts in NBI in Malaysia about an assumed "Ike , " who said Sergio 's alleged accomplice.

Based on information gathered by the NBI,  Ike was an "African descent " who’s last address is known in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia .

In An Artist sketch, Ike was described as aging 30 to 35, weighing 230 to 250 pounds, and is six feet tall, and  with dark skin.

Alledgedly Sergiois the one who introduced Veloso to Ike , who gave the bag she brought it to Indonesia from Malaysia.

Allegedly found out that Sergio also asked Veloso of P7,000 , mobile phones, and tricycle in replacement of work in Malaysia.

According to De Lima, authorities continued to look on the real  and  true nationality and place of origin of Ike .

The NBI filed a complaint  of human trafficking , illegal recruitment and estafa against Ike , Sergio, and  Sergoi’s live- in partner Julius Lacanilao.

Sergio previously surrendered to the authorities and insisted that he is innocent .

According to the NBI, Sergio and Lacanilao , are not registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration  to recruit workers for overseas.

NBI reports said that Sergio and  Veloso came together to Malaysia but Sergio did not come to Indonesia. Which left Veloso travel to Indonesia alone.

Christine sergio.gave the victim (Veloso) the address where she is supposed to go. the victim stated that she has no recourse but to follow Christine 's instruction as he is not yet employed .

Before Veloso go to Indonesia,  Sergio offered a traveling bag , who allegedly came to " Ike ."

Initially Veloso said that she noticed that the travelling bag is heavy, even though  its seem;s empty . But Sergio reportedly reasoned that the bag is heavy because its brand new.

Over two kilograms of heroin were found by authorities in abag  carried by Veloso upon arriving in Indonesia .
source: GMA

Kevin Love Out In The Next Round Of Their Playoffs Due To Dislocated Left Shoulder Injury

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Kevin Love, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, suffered a dislocated left shoulder after he tangled with Boston player Kelly Olynyk. The injury happen earlier in the first quarter of Game 4, after Love and Olynk, battles to recover the ball after a missed shot by the Boston.

Love, quickly run towards their locker room after knowing that he suffered an injury. Love never came back on the remainder of the game.

Photo credits to :

Cavaliers won the game, sweeping the Boston Celtics 4-0, but the injury that Love, suffered will be a big deal if they face the Chicago Bulls? In the Playoff semi finals round.

Kevin Love, comments about his injury and to Olynyk after the game in Boston.

"I thought it was a bush-league play," "Love, believes that Olynyk  did it on purpose,"  "Olynyk was not on position, had no chance to get the ball, and it was an intentional foul to hurt someone.

Olynyk  was only given a common foul by the referees, after the physical play and caused Love to be injured early in the game.

Reports that Love might miss the semi final playoffs, an interval of 2 to 3 weeks of rest to recover his injured left dislocated shoulder. Love, absence will be tough, especially if they face the team of Chicago Bulls? Who currently leads their own series match in the first round match up against Milwaukee Bucks 3-1 and will try finish their series in the next game at Chicago.
Kevin Love, who shows his best game at the post season as a Cleveland Cavaliers, is averaging   18.3 points per game.

Also as Love, is unavailable to play in the semis round due to injury, team mate J.R Smith, might miss the first game of the semis round, after committing a flagrant foul to Boston’s Jae Crowder.
Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to start their semi final match against Chicago Bulls or Milwaukee Bucks  as they await the outcomes of the series?
source: youtube , NBA

Things That We Must Do If An Earthquake Occurred In The Philippines

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On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. It is the country's worst natural disaster in more than Eighty years. On Monday,two days after the earthquake happen reports said that death toll  rise up to 3,400 and it is expected to climb as more victims are not been recovered.

Philippines is also an earthquake country, who had also experience a devastating earthquake in 1990. that the shock had a surface wave magnitude of 7.8.

so what are the things to do if this strong earthquake happen to our country.

Here are some tips that we must do during and after the Earthquake:

1.Initially when an earthquake was felt in , just stay at your place.

2. Go to a certain place and just sit .

3. Do not let you self stand and walk more during an earthquake , seek and think to fight the right place to take cover  to avoid things that falls from above.

4. It is important that you protect your  head . if there is a table or chair,  hide under it and protect your head.

5. Do not panic. Relax your self to avoid panic during an earthquake.

6. If you have another person with you, keep close together, to avoid difficulty of finding one another after the quake.

7. Make sure that the shelter that you stayed are strong enough to keep you safe.

8.  If you do not see any table or chair that you may cover yourself , you can use your  hand to cover your head.

9. Avoid places that there are lights and electricity, so that you can avoid them in case that they fall.

10. And if you are stranded on a high building , do not run , because its more dangerous and  might cause you  an accident.

11. Wait for the earthquake to stop and  wait for the responding police and ambulance to help those who trapped.

12. If you are driving and  eventually felt the earthquake, stop the car and retained in a safe place.

13. Avoid putting your car  in place alongside the shaft because it might crash and topple your car or vehicle.

14. If you felt an earthquake while your in the road, avoid walking and running , it will be more better if you just sit and cover your head.

15. You must be alert to any event because there are not expected to occur such as earthquakes.

16. Also you need a strong feeling and survey the area around you, to see and know things that might fall , so that you will easily be able avoid them.

17. Look and feel around the place, to determine if there is ever had need assistance.

18. When the earthquake is done  immediately leave the place and seek a safer place and immediately inform what happened.

19. During an earthquake and belonging or things has been left do not attempt to go back to it if it was not important.

20. If  you were trapped in a high shield building immediately call your friends, to inform them that you have left  behind the building.

21. Regularly check that all your members will be safe  when disaster strike.

Talk 'N Text And Rain Or Shine Game Four Match Almost Turns Into A Riot, Players Involved Was Penalized

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The PBA Commissioner’s  Cup Finals, between the Talk’N text Tropang Texter against  Rain or Shine Elasto Painter, are expected to be a physical match up, as it shows every games that took place. Before the series starts, basketball fanatics and critics predicts the series that would be a physical match up.

Rain or Shine, which are known for their physical game and a heat headed coach Yeng Guiao, comes to their limit yesterday as the player of Rain or Shine almost collided in a fight in some of the players of Talk’N Text.

During their Game four  match, the two teams, collided in the incident that happen in the fourth quarter as Quinahan, Rosser, Ibanes involve in multiple flagrant foul. The incident happen during the posession of the ball of the Rain or Shine, which the scores stands at 80-72, Talk N’ Text is in the upper  hand at 9:47 seconds remaining in the fourth.

 After a missed shot of rain or Shine, Jireh Ibanes and rokkie Rosser, grabing each other at the left lower part of the court side, as Rosser jersey was pulled out by Ibanes, afterwards Rosser push Ibanes in the face as he counters back. All of a sudden out of nowhere, Quinahan, throw the basketball ball in the face of Rosser, that cause the confrontation of all Rain or Shine Bench to Taln ‘N Text import Johnson, who also known for heat headed head.

Johnson confronts, Quinahan, who runs toward his teamate after seeing Johnson running towards him, Johnson, did nothing but talks, but Quinahan, shows a fighting stand that caused him additional penalty for his gesture.

The game resume but Quinahan, Rosser, Ibanes, are thrown out of the game, after the three penalized by flagrant foul penalty two.

source: facebook

Talk ‘N Text sealed the game four, by winning 99-92. The series is now tied at 2-2 a piece.

The PBA office penalized Rain or Shine players, Ibanes and Quinahan forty thousand pesos (P40,000.00) each for the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 assessed against them. Ibanes was penalized fo exessive holding, graving and pushing against Rosser. While Quinahan, was penalized for throwing the ball and additional ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) for posturing a act of fighting against Taln”N Text  import Johnson. Quinahan was penalized a grand total of (P50,000.00).

And the rookie of Tal”N Test Rosser was penalized forty thousand pesos (P40,000.00) each for the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2, for exessive pushing, graving and holding against Jireh Ibanes.

Game 5, is scheduled Friday, April 24 at Smart Araneta Coliseum, this will be a pivotal game for both teams, winner will be one win away to grab the commissioner’s cup championship.

LeBron James Add Another Milestone Of His Career, Moving Up At Seventh Place In NBA Career Playoff Scoring List

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Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, made another milestone of his career, as he surpassed former LA Lakers  Jerry West , as James moves at number seven in the  most points in playoff history.

During their game 2 against the Boston Celtics, in the first round playoffs match at the quickens loan arena, James made  a mid-range jump shot in the fourth quarter to secure the number seven place in the most points in a playoff history. He finish the game with 30 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assist. Before the game start James is 18 points behind Jerry West.

Currently Michael Jordan holds the most points in playoff history who has the all-time record of 5,987 points.

LeBron James has also recorded his 1,023rd career Playoff assist passing Michael Jordan (1,022) for 9th place in All-Time during their first round playoff games against Boston Celtics.

Earlier this season James, surpass Scottie Pippen, in the on all-time assists list by a forward. He tallied 6,136 assists, During their game against Detroit Piston, surpassing the old record of Scottie Pippen of 6,135 assists.

James also made history in this year 2015 NBA All Star Game, as he surpass Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, In NBA All star game career scoring list, as he recorded 278 career points, two point shy of Kobe Bryant’s record of 280 points who currently holds the number 1 spot. And expected to surpass on next year All Star Game.

Also this 2014 -2015 season, James, has made remarkable milestone of his career. As he recorded multiple milestone, He slowly passing the NBA legends and future hall of Famer. Surpassing every records that they made during their career.

James, also improves his ranking in the NBA all time scoring list, as earlier this season. James rank at #24 in scoring list and slowly surpassing every  former NBA superstar in the likes of   Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, former Miami Heat team mate Ray Allen and Patrick Ewing, which James improve to #20 in the All Time Scoring list.and Jerry West is the next in line to be surpassed by LeBron James. currently Kareem Abdul Jabbar, holds the number 1 spot for most points in NBA history.

LeBron James, is slowly making his mark in all different statistics of his career, at the age 30, he surely one of the greatest NBA player ever played the game. And he’s not yet done….

Viral: Gay Couple Admired By Netizens For Proving That "Love Is Blind"

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A viral picture of two man, holding hands while sitting in a  passenger train is believe that have a relationship  to one another.

The photo became viral as the social media network users are jealous and admired on the two couples love story, even though that they are both men, they ignore the public by showing their feelings to one another.

Some people might criticized them for showing their relationship in public, let’s face it a relationship between two men , I mean men to men and even women to women , they are  not acceptable in some society or country, but they are free to show their relationship in private or public, they have the rights but critics will be always there. In some country same sex marriage are allowed but most of the time especially in a Catholic country this is not allowed.

The two couples with different nation, born in different country are bound together  with love.  As they show their relationship, some people are admiring them and criticized them.

The couples was identified Naparuj Mond Keandi, the blonde guy and which is believe the gay one of the two. He is a from Thailand, he is a Creative Director at an international modelling agency. He’s partner was identified as Thorsten Mid,the beard guy from Germany. According to some reports the two couples are been living together for more than 2 years.

Social media user have gathered their opinions of these two couples, some say is this real love or just for the money? We all know that some men not all, are getting in a relationship with gay, just for the money! I hope this one is not one of them.

Other comments are jealous of the two couples, they are jealous on the gay for having a very handsome partner, he is lucky for having a very handsome partner in life.

Different opinions are brought out by different social media users, in general the comments has different reaction, negative and positive comments but one thing is for sure that is love is blind, this is just one of many good example of true love. Sometime happiness might find with same sex relationship, they just out there hiding.
source: youtube

Floyd Mayweather On Conor McGregor, I dont Know Him, He's Just Making Publicity, He's A Joke

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Undefeated pound for pound boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., is exchanging trash talks against the UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who said earlier this week that he could kill  Floyd Mayweather in less than 30 seconds.

Conor McGregor is an Irish Mixed Martial Arts, currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Featherweight division.

In an interview with Esquire, Mcgregor said that It would only take him less than thirty seconds to wrap around Mayweather like a boa constrictor and strangle him.

Report said that Mayweather, make statements on McGregor, taunts on him.

 he said that I don’t know the guy, “I don’t take that dude seriously. He is just trying to get publicity.” And I think he is a joke!  

The two fighter is in two different world of sports,  Mayweather is a Boxer, which he believed that he is the greatest boxer of his era, while Conor McGregor,is MMA fighter, known for his trash talking and making his name in the MMA arena.

Maybe this is just a publicity, of their upcoming fights especially Conor McGregor, who will be fighting July 11, 2015 at UFC 189 against José Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Title.

Mayweather, which is a few weeks from now in hes biggest fight of his career, will be facing Filipino boxer and eight division champion, Manny Pacquiao on May 2, in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

As Mayweather, Is having some trash talking against Conor McGregor, he should not be distract on taunts on McGregor, he must focus on his preparations on his upcoming fight against Pacquiao. Distraction might caused him the biggest fight of his life? Just ignore McGregor, they are in different world of sports arena, they cannot meet in the ring, unless they decided to join in one ring?
source: yahoo

Watch: Controversial Leaked Trailer Of Superman v Batman Dawn Of Justice

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Warner Brothers picture and DC Comics release the trailer of upcoming movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which will be release in US theaters This coming March 25,2016.

The Sci-fi,Action, Adventure movies, first trailer has been leaked that  supposed to be released this Monday US time and when fans saw the trailer different reaction and comments that they posted in their social media accounts.

Some of them are disappointed in the leaked trailer, others are excited to watch the upcoming movies.
The trailer shows that Superman, the most powerful man in the world is in the middle of controversy, which the people are now questioning the true goals of Superman, which also stated that human race has horrible track records of following people with great power.

 A voice saying maybe he's just a guy trying to do the right thing and followed by, We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell. They come from the sky."

Human race are now expressing their self that Superman should go home to his alien planet as his statue shows that in his Superman logo in his chest written a word of “False God”.

Ben Affleck, appeared looking at his caped, while a back ground voice of  "That's how it starts, the feeling, the powerlessness that turns good men cruel."

At the later end of the trailer Batman gear with armor vat suits facing towards the sky towards Superman , asking Superman. Tell me, do you bleed? You will!!!

The trailer shows only on what will be the story line of this upcoming movies and this is expected to be a blockbuster hits, as many people expected.  Superman and Batman, during their own movie sequel, is always a sure hit in the box office, while combining the two biggest Action hero, ever to be known in the history of super heroes, this will be a great movie, hopefully they will not disappoint the fans, when it hits the cinema on March 25, 2016.
source: yahoo , youtube

The MILF Will Not Surrender Their Members That Involve In The Mamasapano Encounter Despite The DOJ Appeals

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The Moro Islamic Liberation Front ( MILF ), emphasized  that they will not surrender their troops and will slapped with cases involving the bloody clash occurred in Mamasapano , Maguindanao last  January 25.

Ghadzali Jaafar, MILF vice chairman for political affairs, said that MILF-Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces,is a revolutionary group and  And they only defended  their own members for allegedly attacked of the Philippine National Police- Special Action Force ( PNP - SAF ).

We already said before that we can not surrender are troops because they did not commit any sin. Why do they surrender, they just forced to defend themselves . The fault  is in your SAF, they  go there and attacked their  village though they know that there MILF in that area , "said  by Jaafar.

Jaafar also added  that its unfair for MILF to simply arrest their members without charges filed .

If  they were arrested without proper charges that is injustice , unfair and should not happen . They are legitimate members of the MILF and they are revolutionaries , "he stated.

On Thursday , Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said that  90 members  from the MILF , the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, and private armed groups have been recommended charges for Mamasapano encounter. Based on the  released report by the National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) and the National Prosecution Service ( NPS ).

Justice secretary also called upon on the MILF to cooperate with the investigation to complete the report.

The Mamasapano encounter killed 44 SAF commandos, 17 MILF fighters, and 5 civilians.

During that time SAF troopers, are in the mission of  capturing Malaysian terrorist na si Zulkifli bin Hir, aka Marwan,  and the Filipino bomb maker Abdul Basit Usman.

Marwan was killed in the SAF mission but  Usman escaped.

Despite the planned of filing cases to some members of MILF , Jaafar insisted that the  Congress should pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) that are affected  by the deliberations because of Mamasapano incident.

They Should continue the conversation in peace . If we are asked , they must pass the law because it needs to  t established the government of Bangsamoro at the right time . This is the peaceful solution to the problem in Mindanao , " said by the official .

Janet Lim Napoles Charged Of 40 Years In Jail Imposed By The Court For Illegal Detaining Benhur Luy

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Businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles, was sentence “Guilty” of Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 150 Tuesday after facing serious illegal detention case filed by the camp of whistlevblower pork barrel Benhur Luy.

In this regard , Napoles was sentenced of "reclusion perpetua" , or imprisonment for up to 40 years . she also charged P50,000 in moral damages and P50,000 in civil damages .

Janet Lim Napoles and his brother Reynald Jojo Lim was charged for allegedly detaining their cousin and former employee, Benhur Luy within three months . 

Luy was rescued by authorities in March 2013, Which detained by her cousin Napoles, after discovering that Luy, got P5.5 - million loan using her name without her permission. 

Napoles was also accused Luy allegedly stole from her worth of P300,000 that supposed to be deposited into her account. 

But the camp of Benhur Luy, insisted that he was detained by her cousin Napoles, in order to not reveal the illegal transactions he knows about Napoles business transaction. This includes some lawmakers who collaborated allegedly using fake foundation to make profit of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF ) reaching P10 billion. 

Afterwards, Benhur Luy became the primary whistle blower pork barrel scam and became witness of the government by filing of graft and plunder charges against Napoles and some lawmakers which filed in the court. 

In August of 2013, Janet Lim Napoles and his brother Reynaldo Lim was given an arrest warrant in the case charged for illegal detention. Janet Napoles, hide from the law, upon knowing that she will be arrested but decided to surrendered after a few weeks of hiding. While his brother Reynaldo Lim, is still at large But authorities keep looking for him till he finally caught. 

The sentence “reclusion perpetua” charge for Janet Napoles, is only for the case of illegal detention for his cousin Benhur Luy. Charges for PDAF scam are not related for the current decision by the court. Till now the case are still at pending.
source: GMA

Early Exit For The Miami Heat This 2014 - 2015 NBA Season

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Miami Heat, a three time NBA Champion, was eliminated at the Playoffs, after a four straight Eastern Conference Champion.

The Heat was formally eliminated in the Playoffs, after the Indiana Pacers won against the Washington Wizard,  Tuesday April 14, US Time.

After a four straight Finals appearance and winning two Championship out of four, the Heat, has been cold this 2014-2015 NBA Season.

With a lot of players suffered from injury, the heat struggle to make into the Playoffs,  Chrish Bosh, diagnosed  blood clotting in his Lungs after the All Star Break, and end his season. Josh Mcroberts, Loul Deng  and even Dwane Wade, is playing hurt. And with the exit of LeBron James from the Miami heat is the biggest reason on why the Heat is not the same team that dominate Eastern conference for the last four season.

A new NBA star was acquired by the heat in the name of Hassan Whiteside, an incredible acquisition that can score, rebound blocks and defend. If Whiteside will mature for the next season and not having a short tempered, he will be a dominate center.

Goran Dragic, acquired by the heat through trade from the Phoenix sun along with his brother, a great addition from the heat team after the All star break, but disappointedly he is not the same Dragic, as the heat expected.

On the next season, if the Heat will be in great shape, the team will be a playoff contender, having Goran Dragic, Dwane wade, Hassan Whiteside, Chrish bosh, Josh Mcroberts, Loul Deng, this team is a great contender and threat for any team in the east.

This season is might be a disappointing season for the heat, a lot of injury that suffered by their player, LeBron James go home to Cleveland, closed game that they almost win in the last part of the season that maybe gets the team in the 8th place for the playoff? But unfortunately, the mighty team is set back for a while and come back strong next season.

Who Is Your Pick In This Year "2014-2015 NBA Season MVP"

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As the 2014-2015 NBA Regular Season was about to end, the race for this year MVP, is up for grabs between  Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry, Houston Rockets James Harden, Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James and Oklahoma City Thunder Russel Westbrook.

The race are more likely down into two players, Stephen Curry and James Harden, are the two most likely to win this year MVP. But it will all defends on how the vote goes?  Don’t count out LeBron James and  Russel Westbrook, they might still win this MVP?

Meanwhile, J.R Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers, make an statement during his interview after they win the game  against the Detroit Piston, last Monday, April 13.
Smith, acknowledge the works and greatness of his team mate LeBron James, “that he is the real MVP”.

Smith, explain why he thinks LeBron James  should be the MVP, by comparing LeBron James former Team Miami Heat and current team Cleveland Cavaliers. When LeBron left Miami, the team struggled, and the team barely makes the playoff  or might miss the playoff this season , after making four Finals appearance and now, Cleveland Cavaliers  is back at the Playoffs after a four years of struggle and also a favorite team to win the Eastern Finals after LeBron decides to go home.

So, J.R Smith, means that LeBron James is the barometer of both team, the importance of Lebron James, makes the team better, with the high IQ of LeBron in the game of basketball makes the games easy and even for his team mates, a complete package player, scorer, passer, rebounder, defender and etc.

In Cleveland fans and J.R Smith, points of view LeBron, should be this season MVP, but in general and my believe, it will be a very difficult for LeBron James to win the MVP? But possible?

It is also remembered that Kevin Love, team mates of LeBron James, make s a comment about on who’s is his MVP to pick between LeBron James and Russel westbrook as he chooses Russel over LeBron that become Trending in sports media, that the two might be not in good terms.

If the overall impact of a player should be basis on voting the winner for MVP, I will vote for LeBron, if I had a chance. But they are several votes and criteria that are base in winning an MVP?

As for now, we wait for the results on who is gonna be 2014-2015 NBA regular season”MVP”. The race is tight, who ever won is deserving. The announcement of this year MVP, may be revealed at the first round of the Playoffs.

"PBA Governor's Cup", The Last Title For Purefoods Star Hotshots To Defend

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Purefoods Star Hotshots, has only one title remaining to defend this 2014-2015 PBA season. as their “Governor’s title”  will be in contest this coming May.

Purefoods who was then known as “San Mig Super Coffee Mixer”, last PBA season ,was  the Grandslam Champion of  2013 – 2014 PBA Season. And were also champions for four straight conference including the 2013 Governors cup.

Purefoods, holds the Governor’s title for the last two years, and with the help of their come backing import “Mr. Everything” Marcus Blakely, Purefoods is in better hand on defending their “Governors title”.

In this 2014-2015 PBA season, San Mig change their team name in their original franchise name Purefoods, but Purefoods  were not the same team as they start the “Philippine Cup”, as they were dethrone by Meralco Bolt in their quarter finals match and ended their four consecutive title rain.

“Commissioner’s Cup” is much better conference for the Purefoods, as they start hot, winning four straight and finishing the elimination with 8-3 win-loss record tying rain or Shine and talk’n Text in a 8-3 record.

Purefoods beat’s Alaska in their quarter finals match and advancing to semi finals to face Talk’n Text. Purefoods  beat Talk’n Text in Game 1 with a big margin but talk’n Text won the last three games and dethrone Purefoods in their “Commissioner’s Title”. 3 – 1 win-loss.

 As the Purefoods player admitted that they think that everything in the PBA is can be beaten by their team, but after a frustrating loss to Talk’n test they acknowledge their mistake and admitting that maybe their become over confident on their self.

This coming “Governors Cup”, will be the last chance that Purefoods might be able to defend theit last title that they won for the last two years . if they successfully defend their title it will be a good season to end for the Purefoods by ending the 2014-2015 PBA Season as Champion.

Suzanne's Family "Milk Tea Victim" File A Lawsuit Against The ErgoCha Milk Tea Shop In Manila

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Family of Suzanne Dagohoy, one of the two people that died because of a milk tea poisoning are pursuing and filing a lawsuit against the owner of ErgoCha milk tea shop in Manila . the store where Suzanne bought the  milk tea that was believed that caused her death  due to food poisoning.

Suzanne's family also said that the the owners of ErgoCha shop was already interacted with them.

But even though they provide initial assistance , Frederick Dagohoy, Suzanne's brother, said that they were still filing corresponding complaint of the victim's fate .

Our Family and our relatives, contribute and  work hard just to finish the studies of my sister, Fredirick said on the fate that happen to her sister.

Family of Suzanne, are awaiting the results of autopsies performed on the victims to make legal action . They called on the authorities to make faster  investigation of the cause of death of the victim.

Meanwhile, the camp of  ErgoCha milk tea shop refused to comment on the said incident.

Boyfriend of Suzanne was hospitalized who first noticed the unpleasant taste of  milk tea prepared by the owner himself William Abrigo.

The incident was happen last April 9, around 10:30 in the morning were the two couple Suzanne Dagohoy and his boyfriend, decided to buy a milk tea, before going into the market.

William Abrigo, was the owner of the Milk Teas shop and was believed that he is the who prepared the Milk Tea of Suzanne. after receiving the milk tea and taste it,the two couples, complain on the owner, that the milk tea that he give have unpleasant taste, after a while for about 3 minutes, Suzanne, vomits and collapsed, Arnold, the boyfriend of Suzanne try to help her but even him collapsed.

Suzanne was dead on arrival on the hospital she was brought and even the owner of the said Milk tea, died after tasting the said milk tea that he prepared.

Arnold, boyfriend of Suzanne, was now stable but he will be transferred to PGH, for further examinations.

Watch:The Most Destructive "Tidal Bore" Recorded In Human History

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In China, during Mid authom, people are gathering to witness a natural phenomenon called “tidal Bore”.

Tidal bore is a natural  phenomenon that occur every year in which a massive wall of water rises up out of the ocean powering everything in its path and travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current. Tidal Bore, occur in relatively few locations worldwide.

A Video of Tidal Bore phenomenon was recorded in Qiantang River in Zhejiang Province, that shows people gathering to witness the mother Earth, incredible display of nature. The festival that gathers annually by the Chinese people and some foreigner to witness the incredible display of mother nature.

The video shows a devastating and panic reaction to all spectator that witness the longest and biggest “Tidal Bore” ever recorded in China.

The tides sweep away the spectator that its on their path, as several people suck down in the river and sweep away. With the immediate alertness of some people, they gathered to get a bamboo to help the people on the water.

But with the unpreparedness of such unexpected incident, the festival turns to be a devastating tragedy that reported a hundred people were died. It is the largest tidal Bore that ever recorded in human history.

The mammoth wave was triggered by the alignment of Earth, Moon and Sun that caused a gravitational pull that so intense that  it force the water in china that literary rise up in such in surge in China east cost.

As of today the natural phenomenon is still visit by foreigner and local Chinese people as they celebrate annually the mother nature display of list expected but destructive force of nature “Tidal Bore”
source: youtube

Did You Know The Biggest "Wrestling Screw job In WWF/WWE History"?

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If you were a wrestling fans and was born in the mid 1980’ and 1990’s you’ll probabadly know the story of “Montreal screwjob”.

The World Wrestling Federation (WWF),  which known today as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  Was  own by Vince Mcmahon. He is the one who manipulate of the outcome of every event that will happen in the WWF/WWE ring.

“The Montreal  Screwjob”, Happen at “Survivor Series” on November 9, 1997 at the Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  a match between two of the most popular wrestler and both on-screen and off  arch rival. Bret “The Hitman” Hart is the current WWF heavyweight Champion at the time against the Challenger “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels.

The script goes  that Bret Hart, is supposed to win the match in a disqualification, and retain his title. but everythings gone wrong when Bret Hart was put in a Sharpshooter hold, and the referee Earl Hebner, immediately stop the fight as Shawn Michaels was declared winner in the said match, even though Bret Hart had not submitted. Shawn Michael was shock of the result not knowing he won the match and was fulled out of the ring.

Vince Mcmahon, manipulated the outcome of the match as he screwed Bret Hart, that became the biggest controversial, real-life professional wrestling incident in WWF.
After the match, Bret Hart, spit on the face of Vince Mcmahon, a gesture of why you cheated me.
Later on, “the Hart Foundation”, came down the ring to take sympathy on Bret Hart and the result of the match.

At the back stage, Bret Hart and Vince Macmahon was reported that take some confrontation that leads into a fight. That leads in numbers of years of mis understanding after building the WWF in Bret Harts Shoulder.

After the controversial  “Montreal Screwjob”, Bret Hart, take his Debut on WWF counterpart WCW. Bret Hart, immediately express his feeling on the incident of Vinve Mcmahon screwing him.
Both Hart, Michaels and Mcmahon, reconcile bringing closure to the incident after more than 12 years.
source: youtube

Watch: What Happen Why Anna’s Parent Felt Ashamed After Knowing Who Donated A Bone Marrow To Their Daughter

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This viral video, is just a short film But it gives a lot of meaning and lesson  about racism.
Racist is a discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on their belief that one's own race is superior.

In early history, racism is often seen as a component behind racial segregation in certain U.S. states in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and South Africa.

Through the years racism still happens in some part of the world. Sometimes racist are based on their status in life, like a rich man, mistreatment a poor person or the color of their skin, like in america, white man thinks they are superior than black man. They are a lot of way of how racism happen.
And the video below is one good example of racism.

The video shows a man sitting in the left corner of the chair named “JAPAR”. afterwards a family arrived, a little girl, a mother and a Father. At first the little girl, sit beside “Japar”. But her mother pulled her daughter , away from “Japar”. And sit right beside her mother.
The chair between Japar and the little was vacant, as the father of the little girl, decide to stand rather to sit besides Japar.

Several seconds has passed and silence has emerged on Japar and the little girls family. Until
the nursed came out and called them all including Japar to enter the Doctors  office.
The woman is puzzled on why Japar is also called to enter the doctors office?

When the four are finally inside the office, the doctor greet them and they return back. The doctor also greet the little girl condition after her operation.

The Father of the little girl ask the doctor if there is something wrong? The doctor answer no! and stands up and walk towards Japar, as the doctor introduced Japar to the little girls family.
The doctors says that “Japar” is the one who donated Bone Marrow to their daughter “Anna”.

The Family of “Anna” was shocked, or maybe ashamed of what they show outside while they are waiting for the doctors To be called.

A very touching story, sadly but this is true, it happens all the time. Sometimes people must not judge people around them who they think they are far superior in the status of life. Don’t judge a person by the color or they are poor.

Like this video, they show racism to the person who extended their daughter life without knowing that the person they act of racism is the one who help them to extend the life of their daughter.
I felt sorry for “Japar” but the truth in life, racism is part of our life.
source: youtube

Touching Video: Homeless Boy Freezing To Death Was Help By A Homeless Man

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A viral video of a Freezing homeless child, was take it for a experiment to determine  if people who see him and passing by  will ignore him or will help him in this time of need in the outside world of freezing temperature.

In New York City, a video of a homeless boy seeking for a help or money or food is freezing to death. Holding a trash of bag and a piece of cartoon with some word on it. People passing by are just ignoring him, some people stop to look at him but  with a change of mind and just continue to walk.

As time passing bye, the boy decided to lay on the side of the side walk, putting himself inside of a empty trash bag just to lessen the cold that he feel. And yet people has seen him are just ignoring him. Some stop and looking at him and yet again ignore him and some give him some money.

After 2 hours of standing and laying down in the side walks  and as the day become night all of a sudden a man reached up to the homeless boy and talk to him.  Out of all people that will reached up to him, is the same people like him that a homeless man that reached up to the  homeless  boy.

The homeless man, is just sitting at the other side of the side walks, during that time same as the homeless boy the man is begging also for some money.

But the homeless man, cannot afford to see the homeless boy suffering from the cold as he help the boy, by giving his own jacket just to lessen the cold that the boy has felt. he was also given some money to buy some foods. The man also said that he will help him to communicate with his family.

After the good will that shown by the homeless man, the crew of the experimental homeless child, revealed them selves to tell the homeless man that the thing is just a set up. That the boy is not home less but they are there brother. As they were shocked that a homeless man will help a homeless boy.

The crew give him some money for the token of helping the experimental homeless boy.

This kind of story is very touching, sadly but its true, when you are living in the street begging for some money or food, most of the time in general all over the world, Most of the time people will ignore you. Some want to help but hesitating to help.

Homeless people are happen, when their family background are not good, some child forced to live their family to seek their own life. There are a lot of reason on why homeless people are happening.
source: youtube

Watch: Promotional Commercial Of Floyd Mayweather And Manny Pacquiao Of Their Upcoming Fights On May 2

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A few weeks from now, the much awaited fight between the fighting pride of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao and the American Fighter “Prety Boy” Floyd Mayweather will happen this coming May 2.

A promotional commercial has been release featuring the two legends of boxing before their upcoming fights.

The video shows the two fighter walking off the road wearing their boxing attire, until they reach each other and  stare face to face showing no intimidation and the courage to beat on each other.  Behind them is the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The venue where the biggest  fight will happen. The right place to be.

This fight is expected to make history as it make the biggest sells in boxing history and perhaps the biggest fight of all time.

Its time for two Legends , to make their  destiny , all roads in the most anticipated events in sports history. Saturday May 2, 2015, it can be watch live on pay-per-view.
source: youtube

Is Religion Difference That Really Caused The Massacre In A College University In Kenya?

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Al-Shabaab militant group attackeds again and this time the Garissa University College in north eastern Kenya. Al-Shabaab, was viciously attacked and slaughtered 147 people inside the college school.

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, was believe to be the main perpetrator who has a $220,000 bounty on his head, and was also believe that he was a son of government officials.

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, reported that was killed by security forces  along with the three other militants who attacked the Garissa University College.

Report said that four attackers were killed but its uncleared on how many are the attackers that stormed the college university.

Al-Shabaab, is the same group that attacked  a shopping mall in Nairobi in 2013, that killed at least 67 people. Peoples says that 312 people gad been killed Al-Shabaab attacked in Kenya from year 2012 to 2014. So this attacked  is being repeated all over and over again.

The reason why Al-Shabaab group are attacking Kenya, is because Kenya puts troops to fights against Al-Shabaab in somalia.

Somalia's al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the massacre of 147 people, saying it was retribution for Kenya's action of sending of troops to Somalia to fight the al-Shabab militant. The attackers separated Christian students from Muslim ones and massacred the Christians.

Some of the student spokes about on what happen on the said attacked and massacre, they said that:

“If you were christian you were immediately shot on the spot. another student said that gunmen are saying “sisi ni Al-Shabaab (Shawali for we are Al-Shabaab)”

Worldwide Muslim terrorism is a real problem certainly in Africa, the problem is not all Muslim, the problem is the Islamic radicals who scourged upon the earth. Who they believed that there God are superior  that they have to killed in behalf on there God. Said by a reporter in The Young Turks.

This kind of killing people because of the way of their religion is injustice and unacceptable, you don’t kill people because they are Christian or Muslim. Hopefully this kind of massacre will be prevented in future if we have only to talk first on each and everyone by misunderstanding and not killing innocent people.
sources: youtube

Watch: The Last Boxer Who Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. In A Controversial Match In 1996 Olympic Games

In less than a month from now, the most anticipated match in boxing history will finally happen after several years of waiting. finally, the people most awaited boxing match between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. will finally happen on May 2, 2015.

Undefeated Champion Floyd Mayweather versus  pound for pound Filipino boxer, Manny pacquiao, will settled the argument on May 2, on Las Vegas, Nevada on who is the better fighter or perhaps the greatest fighter of all time.

But before there fight , we will give you a little trivia on the undefeated “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather. Did you know that Floyd Mayweather, has already lost a fight during his early years in Boxing?

Floyd Mayweather has a record of 84-6 win-loss, during his amateur years in boxing. He was called by the nickname “Pretty Boy” because of few scars he suffered in boxing due to defensive tactics.

In 1996 Olympic Games Semifinals, Mayweather, who was 19 years old at that time  was lost in a controversial decision to a Bulgarian boxer Serafim Todorov who was 27 years old, it is reported to be that Serafim Todorov, is the last boxer who ever beat Mayweather up to this day.

The result of the match became controversial as the camp of Mayweather protest on the decision that favors the Bulgarian boxer who won the match.

After the lost of Mayweather, he went  professional in boxing  and began his boxing career that has given him 47 consecutive wins and gained hundreds of millions of dollars in boxing career. And earning $180 million for each every fight he made.

Meanwhile the man who beat him the Bulgarian Boxer Serafim Todorov, struggled to continue his boxing career, and as of today he was earning a pension of $435, a month for a living.

Serafim Todorov, said how he wish that he lost the fight against Mayweather.Todorov is a three-time world champion and a two-time European champion as an amateur,  who grew up in Peshtera, a southern town, learned boxing at a young age.
sources: youtube , new york times

NCAA, Will Or Will Not Use The Name And Image Of "Jose Rizal" In Tekken 7

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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts ( NCCA ) Announced that they are  analyzing  the steps regarding the use of the name and image of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal in Tekken 7 character " Josie Rizal" .

In a statement Thursday , said  by NCCA Chairman Felipe de Leon Jr. , who will work their agency to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines ( NHCP ) to discuss the matter .

De Leon also clarified the statement that can be find in  Facebook provided by theinsight of  Dr. Leodenito Cañete about issues with " Josie Rizal , " does not represent the position of the NCCA.

De Leon also said that Cañete  is no officer or member of the NCAA national committee.

Instead ,  Cañete  is one of the  member of Bayaning Bayan project,  a painting competition under the Philippine Cultural Education Program of the NCCA.

Prior to this , NCCA Secretariat clarified That Cañete , is not  official in NCCA, which as previously reported .

"Josie Rizal " is the first Filipino character  in " Tekken " series , trained in fencing and  Filipino martial art, tai chi , kick boxing said Katsuhiro Harada Bandai Namco Games .

Cañete criticized such character of " Josie Rizal" because of its short concise costume and dyeing of textile garments which is  based on the colors of the flag of the Philippines.

He said also that he plans to take steps to correct the false impression that might be caused by " Josie Rizal" the image of Dr. Rizal and the Philippines.
source: GMA

Watch: Scary Weird Sound Heard Out In The Sky On Some Parts Of The World

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For the past few years, A strange phenomenon that might seem happening on some parts of the worlds.

 a very strange loud sounds has been reported and witness by many people who has been heard a strange sounds out of sky  in some parts of the worlds. Some of them had been recorded and you can clearly heard the creepy strange sounds.

The sounds that you can heard on the video uploaded, can be compared in a weird trumpet sounds that came out of the sky.

Several witness and video footage has been recorded just to justify the strange sounds that they heard are real, it was also broadcast in some news network in some  parts of the world in order to inform a strange or natural weird sound coming out of the sky .

Different opinions of people around the world has been shared through social media, about the weird sounds that still today at the present day, are still encounter in some parts of the world.

Some people belives that this strange sound is related to the second coming of the “God”. Some say, it might be a natural phenomenon like the” aurora phenomenon” that can be seen in North and South pole. Which a strange colorful lights seen in the sky.

Maybe this strange weird sound is same phenomenon like aurora? Instead of colorful light display in the sky, it is a weird sound .

For me, we have different opinions on what we heard and see, maybe its true that this strange phenomenon are scary stuff, but we must face it, its part of our planet and what maybe the source of it, sooner or later scientist and other specialist whom ever we might called it will discover the real source of this strange scary sounds out of the sky.
 source: youtube