Touching Video: Homeless Boy Freezing To Death Was Help By A Homeless Man

A viral video of a Freezing homeless child, was take it for a experiment to determine  if people who see him and passing by  will ignore him or will help him in this time of need in the outside world of freezing temperature.

In New York City, a video of a homeless boy seeking for a help or money or food is freezing to death. Holding a trash of bag and a piece of cartoon with some word on it. People passing by are just ignoring him, some people stop to look at him but  with a change of mind and just continue to walk.

As time passing bye, the boy decided to lay on the side of the side walk, putting himself inside of a empty trash bag just to lessen the cold that he feel. And yet people has seen him are just ignoring him. Some stop and looking at him and yet again ignore him and some give him some money.

After 2 hours of standing and laying down in the side walks  and as the day become night all of a sudden a man reached up to the homeless boy and talk to him.  Out of all people that will reached up to him, is the same people like him that a homeless man that reached up to the  homeless  boy.

The homeless man, is just sitting at the other side of the side walks, during that time same as the homeless boy the man is begging also for some money.

But the homeless man, cannot afford to see the homeless boy suffering from the cold as he help the boy, by giving his own jacket just to lessen the cold that the boy has felt. he was also given some money to buy some foods. The man also said that he will help him to communicate with his family.

After the good will that shown by the homeless man, the crew of the experimental homeless child, revealed them selves to tell the homeless man that the thing is just a set up. That the boy is not home less but they are there brother. As they were shocked that a homeless man will help a homeless boy.

The crew give him some money for the token of helping the experimental homeless boy.

This kind of story is very touching, sadly but its true, when you are living in the street begging for some money or food, most of the time in general all over the world, Most of the time people will ignore you. Some want to help but hesitating to help.

Homeless people are happen, when their family background are not good, some child forced to live their family to seek their own life. There are a lot of reason on why homeless people are happening.
source: youtube