Watch: What Happen Why Anna’s Parent Felt Ashamed After Knowing Who Donated A Bone Marrow To Their Daughter

This viral video, is just a short film But it gives a lot of meaning and lesson  about racism.
Racist is a discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on their belief that one's own race is superior.

In early history, racism is often seen as a component behind racial segregation in certain U.S. states in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and South Africa.

Through the years racism still happens in some part of the world. Sometimes racist are based on their status in life, like a rich man, mistreatment a poor person or the color of their skin, like in america, white man thinks they are superior than black man. They are a lot of way of how racism happen.
And the video below is one good example of racism.

The video shows a man sitting in the left corner of the chair named “JAPAR”. afterwards a family arrived, a little girl, a mother and a Father. At first the little girl, sit beside “Japar”. But her mother pulled her daughter , away from “Japar”. And sit right beside her mother.
The chair between Japar and the little was vacant, as the father of the little girl, decide to stand rather to sit besides Japar.

Several seconds has passed and silence has emerged on Japar and the little girls family. Until
the nursed came out and called them all including Japar to enter the Doctors  office.
The woman is puzzled on why Japar is also called to enter the doctors office?

When the four are finally inside the office, the doctor greet them and they return back. The doctor also greet the little girl condition after her operation.

The Father of the little girl ask the doctor if there is something wrong? The doctor answer no! and stands up and walk towards Japar, as the doctor introduced Japar to the little girls family.
The doctors says that “Japar” is the one who donated Bone Marrow to their daughter “Anna”.

The Family of “Anna” was shocked, or maybe ashamed of what they show outside while they are waiting for the doctors To be called.

A very touching story, sadly but this is true, it happens all the time. Sometimes people must not judge people around them who they think they are far superior in the status of life. Don’t judge a person by the color or they are poor.

Like this video, they show racism to the person who extended their daughter life without knowing that the person they act of racism is the one who help them to extend the life of their daughter.
I felt sorry for “Japar” but the truth in life, racism is part of our life.
source: youtube