Watch: Scary Weird Sound Heard Out In The Sky On Some Parts Of The World

For the past few years, A strange phenomenon that might seem happening on some parts of the worlds.

 a very strange loud sounds has been reported and witness by many people who has been heard a strange sounds out of sky  in some parts of the worlds. Some of them had been recorded and you can clearly heard the creepy strange sounds.

The sounds that you can heard on the video uploaded, can be compared in a weird trumpet sounds that came out of the sky.

Several witness and video footage has been recorded just to justify the strange sounds that they heard are real, it was also broadcast in some news network in some  parts of the world in order to inform a strange or natural weird sound coming out of the sky .

Different opinions of people around the world has been shared through social media, about the weird sounds that still today at the present day, are still encounter in some parts of the world.

Some people belives that this strange sound is related to the second coming of the “God”. Some say, it might be a natural phenomenon like the” aurora phenomenon” that can be seen in North and South pole. Which a strange colorful lights seen in the sky.

Maybe this strange weird sound is same phenomenon like aurora? Instead of colorful light display in the sky, it is a weird sound .

For me, we have different opinions on what we heard and see, maybe its true that this strange phenomenon are scary stuff, but we must face it, its part of our planet and what maybe the source of it, sooner or later scientist and other specialist whom ever we might called it will discover the real source of this strange scary sounds out of the sky.
 source: youtube