A Little Girl Suffered A Motor Accident After His Father Left The Engine Runs

A video of a little girl, standing behind a store while waiting for his father to buy some goods in the store was captured in a camera that shows the whole  incident to the little girl.

While the little girl, awaits for his father, out of curiosity she  decided to board their motor bike where at that time the motor bike engine is still running. the girl decided to accelerate the motor bike throttle, as it suddenly accelerate and runs toward and crash in a large dripping pan,  as she falls down at the same time where the vehicle crash.

After the sudden accident, his father, runs towards her for the rescue. As you can see in the video a dog also runs toward the little girl as the accident happen, what do you think of the dogs act? Is it the dog going to help the girl?  Who knows?

The video was uploaded in the social media, to warn all parents, that  if you brought a child  in a motor vehicle, don’t leave your child  alone in the vehicle or make sure that the engine is stop, especially motor bike. while you are buying something in a store or some convenient store, You will never know what a child thinking? Because they are young there is a lot of curiosity out of them.

This video will serve a learning experience for a father, who left his motor engine vehicle running that leads to her daughter accident . luckily the child did not suffer injury? and  for her daughter, this will serve a warn for her that never ever used a motor  bike that you don’t know how to run.
source: youtube