Is Religion Difference That Really Caused The Massacre In A College University In Kenya?

Al-Shabaab militant group attackeds again and this time the Garissa University College in north eastern Kenya. Al-Shabaab, was viciously attacked and slaughtered 147 people inside the college school.

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, was believe to be the main perpetrator who has a $220,000 bounty on his head, and was also believe that he was a son of government officials.

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdullahi, reported that was killed by security forces  along with the three other militants who attacked the Garissa University College.

Report said that four attackers were killed but its uncleared on how many are the attackers that stormed the college university.

Al-Shabaab, is the same group that attacked  a shopping mall in Nairobi in 2013, that killed at least 67 people. Peoples says that 312 people gad been killed Al-Shabaab attacked in Kenya from year 2012 to 2014. So this attacked  is being repeated all over and over again.

The reason why Al-Shabaab group are attacking Kenya, is because Kenya puts troops to fights against Al-Shabaab in somalia.

Somalia's al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the massacre of 147 people, saying it was retribution for Kenya's action of sending of troops to Somalia to fight the al-Shabab militant. The attackers separated Christian students from Muslim ones and massacred the Christians.

Some of the student spokes about on what happen on the said attacked and massacre, they said that:

“If you were christian you were immediately shot on the spot. another student said that gunmen are saying “sisi ni Al-Shabaab (Shawali for we are Al-Shabaab)”

Worldwide Muslim terrorism is a real problem certainly in Africa, the problem is not all Muslim, the problem is the Islamic radicals who scourged upon the earth. Who they believed that there God are superior  that they have to killed in behalf on there God. Said by a reporter in The Young Turks.

This kind of killing people because of the way of their religion is injustice and unacceptable, you don’t kill people because they are Christian or Muslim. Hopefully this kind of massacre will be prevented in future if we have only to talk first on each and everyone by misunderstanding and not killing innocent people.
sources: youtube