Who Is Your Pick In This Year "2014-2015 NBA Season MVP"

As the 2014-2015 NBA Regular Season was about to end, the race for this year MVP, is up for grabs between  Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry, Houston Rockets James Harden, Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James and Oklahoma City Thunder Russel Westbrook.

The race are more likely down into two players, Stephen Curry and James Harden, are the two most likely to win this year MVP. But it will all defends on how the vote goes?  Don’t count out LeBron James and  Russel Westbrook, they might still win this MVP?

Meanwhile, J.R Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers, make an statement during his interview after they win the game  against the Detroit Piston, last Monday, April 13.
Smith, acknowledge the works and greatness of his team mate LeBron James, “that he is the real MVP”.

Smith, explain why he thinks LeBron James  should be the MVP, by comparing LeBron James former Team Miami Heat and current team Cleveland Cavaliers. When LeBron left Miami, the team struggled, and the team barely makes the playoff  or might miss the playoff this season , after making four Finals appearance and now, Cleveland Cavaliers  is back at the Playoffs after a four years of struggle and also a favorite team to win the Eastern Finals after LeBron decides to go home.

So, J.R Smith, means that LeBron James is the barometer of both team, the importance of Lebron James, makes the team better, with the high IQ of LeBron in the game of basketball makes the games easy and even for his team mates, a complete package player, scorer, passer, rebounder, defender and etc.

In Cleveland fans and J.R Smith, points of view LeBron, should be this season MVP, but in general and my believe, it will be a very difficult for LeBron James to win the MVP? But possible?

It is also remembered that Kevin Love, team mates of LeBron James, make s a comment about on who’s is his MVP to pick between LeBron James and Russel westbrook as he chooses Russel over LeBron that become Trending in sports media, that the two might be not in good terms.

If the overall impact of a player should be basis on voting the winner for MVP, I will vote for LeBron, if I had a chance. But they are several votes and criteria that are base in winning an MVP?

As for now, we wait for the results on who is gonna be 2014-2015 NBA regular season”MVP”. The race is tight, who ever won is deserving. The announcement of this year MVP, may be revealed at the first round of the Playoffs.