Watch:The Most Destructive "Tidal Bore" Recorded In Human History

In China, during Mid authom, people are gathering to witness a natural phenomenon called “tidal Bore”.

Tidal bore is a natural  phenomenon that occur every year in which a massive wall of water rises up out of the ocean powering everything in its path and travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current. Tidal Bore, occur in relatively few locations worldwide.

A Video of Tidal Bore phenomenon was recorded in Qiantang River in Zhejiang Province, that shows people gathering to witness the mother Earth, incredible display of nature. The festival that gathers annually by the Chinese people and some foreigner to witness the incredible display of mother nature.

The video shows a devastating and panic reaction to all spectator that witness the longest and biggest “Tidal Bore” ever recorded in China.

The tides sweep away the spectator that its on their path, as several people suck down in the river and sweep away. With the immediate alertness of some people, they gathered to get a bamboo to help the people on the water.

But with the unpreparedness of such unexpected incident, the festival turns to be a devastating tragedy that reported a hundred people were died. It is the largest tidal Bore that ever recorded in human history.

The mammoth wave was triggered by the alignment of Earth, Moon and Sun that caused a gravitational pull that so intense that  it force the water in china that literary rise up in such in surge in China east cost.

As of today the natural phenomenon is still visit by foreigner and local Chinese people as they celebrate annually the mother nature display of list expected but destructive force of nature “Tidal Bore”
source: youtube