Things That We Must Do If An Earthquake Occurred In The Philippines

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. It is the country's worst natural disaster in more than Eighty years. On Monday,two days after the earthquake happen reports said that death toll  rise up to 3,400 and it is expected to climb as more victims are not been recovered.

Philippines is also an earthquake country, who had also experience a devastating earthquake in 1990. that the shock had a surface wave magnitude of 7.8.

so what are the things to do if this strong earthquake happen to our country.

Here are some tips that we must do during and after the Earthquake:

1.Initially when an earthquake was felt in , just stay at your place.

2. Go to a certain place and just sit .

3. Do not let you self stand and walk more during an earthquake , seek and think to fight the right place to take cover  to avoid things that falls from above.

4. It is important that you protect your  head . if there is a table or chair,  hide under it and protect your head.

5. Do not panic. Relax your self to avoid panic during an earthquake.

6. If you have another person with you, keep close together, to avoid difficulty of finding one another after the quake.

7. Make sure that the shelter that you stayed are strong enough to keep you safe.

8.  If you do not see any table or chair that you may cover yourself , you can use your  hand to cover your head.

9. Avoid places that there are lights and electricity, so that you can avoid them in case that they fall.

10. And if you are stranded on a high building , do not run , because its more dangerous and  might cause you  an accident.

11. Wait for the earthquake to stop and  wait for the responding police and ambulance to help those who trapped.

12. If you are driving and  eventually felt the earthquake, stop the car and retained in a safe place.

13. Avoid putting your car  in place alongside the shaft because it might crash and topple your car or vehicle.

14. If you felt an earthquake while your in the road, avoid walking and running , it will be more better if you just sit and cover your head.

15. You must be alert to any event because there are not expected to occur such as earthquakes.

16. Also you need a strong feeling and survey the area around you, to see and know things that might fall , so that you will easily be able avoid them.

17. Look and feel around the place, to determine if there is ever had need assistance.

18. When the earthquake is done  immediately leave the place and seek a safer place and immediately inform what happened.

19. During an earthquake and belonging or things has been left do not attempt to go back to it if it was not important.

20. If  you were trapped in a high shield building immediately call your friends, to inform them that you have left  behind the building.

21. Regularly check that all your members will be safe  when disaster strike.