Suzannes Family Milk Tea Victim File A Lawsuit Against The ErgoCha Milk Tea Shop In Manila

Family of Suzanne Dagohoy, one of the two people that died because of a milk tea poisoning are pursuing and filing a lawsuit against the owner of ErgoCha milk tea shop in Manila . the store where Suzanne bought the  milk tea that was believed that caused her death  due to food poisoning.

Suzanne's family also said that the the owners of ErgoCha shop was already interacted with them.

But even though they provide initial assistance , Frederick Dagohoy, Suzanne's brother, said that they were still filing corresponding complaint of the victim's fate .

Our Family and our relatives, contribute and  work hard just to finish the studies of my sister, Fredirick said on the fate that happen to her sister.

Family of Suzanne, are awaiting the results of autopsies performed on the victims to make legal action . They called on the authorities to make faster  investigation of the cause of death of the victim.

Meanwhile, the camp of  ErgoCha milk tea shop refused to comment on the said incident.

Boyfriend of Suzanne was hospitalized who first noticed the unpleasant taste of  milk tea prepared by the owner himself William Abrigo.

The incident was happen last April 9, around 10:30 in the morning were the two couple Suzanne Dagohoy and his boyfriend, decided to buy a milk tea, before going into the market.

William Abrigo, was the owner of the Milk Teas shop and was believed that he is the who prepared the Milk Tea of Suzanne. after receiving the milk tea and taste it,the two couples, complain on the owner, that the milk tea that he give have unpleasant taste, after a while for about 3 minutes, Suzanne, vomits and collapsed, Arnold, the boyfriend of Suzanne try to help her but even him collapsed.

Suzanne was dead on arrival on the hospital she was brought and even the owner of the said Milk tea, died after tasting the said milk tea that he prepared.

Arnold, boyfriend of Suzanne, was now stable but he will be transferred to PGH, for further examinations.