Viral: Gay Couple Admired By Netizens For Proving that Love is Blind

A viral picture of two man, holding hands while sitting in a  passenger train is believe that have a relationship  to one another.

The photo became viral as the social media network users are jealous and admired on the two couples love story, even though that they are both men, they ignore the public by showing their feelings to one another.

Some people might criticized them for showing their relationship in public, let’s face it a relationship between two men , I mean men to men and even women to women , they are  not acceptable in some society or country, but they are free to show their relationship in private or public, they have the rights but critics will be always there. In some country same sex marriage are allowed but most of the time especially in a Catholic country this is not allowed.

The two couples with different nation, born in different country are bound together  with love.  As they show their relationship, some people are admiring them and criticized them.

The couples was identified Naparuj Mond Keandi, the blonde guy and which is believe the gay one of the two. He is a from Thailand, he is a Creative Director at an international modelling agency. He’s partner was identified as Thorsten Mid,the beard guy from Germany. According to some reports the two couples are been living together for more than 2 years.

Social media user have gathered their opinions of these two couples, some say is this real love or just for the money? We all know that some men not all, are getting in a relationship with gay, just for the money! I hope this one is not one of them.

Other comments are jealous of the two couples, they are jealous on the gay for having a very handsome partner, he is lucky for having a very handsome partner in life.

Different opinions are brought out by different social media users, in general the comments has different reaction, negative and positive comments but one thing is for sure that is love is blind, this is just one of many good example of true love. Sometime happiness might find with same sex relationship, they just out there hiding.
source: youtube