Early Exit For The Miami Heat This 2014 - 2015 NBA Season

Miami Heat, a three time NBA Champion, was eliminated at the Playoffs, after a four straight Eastern Conference Champion.

The Heat was formally eliminated in the Playoffs, after the Indiana Pacers won against the Washington Wizard,  Tuesday April 14, US Time.

After a four straight Finals appearance and winning two Championship out of four, the Heat, has been cold this 2014-2015 NBA Season.

With a lot of players suffered from injury, the heat struggle to make into the Playoffs,  Chrish Bosh, diagnosed  blood clotting in his Lungs after the All Star Break, and end his season. Josh Mcroberts, Loul Deng  and even Dwane Wade, is playing hurt. And with the exit of LeBron James from the Miami heat is the biggest reason on why the Heat is not the same team that dominate Eastern conference for the last four season.

A new NBA star was acquired by the heat in the name of Hassan Whiteside, an incredible acquisition that can score, rebound blocks and defend. If Whiteside will mature for the next season and not having a short tempered, he will be a dominate center.

Goran Dragic, acquired by the heat through trade from the Phoenix sun along with his brother, a great addition from the heat team after the All star break, but disappointedly he is not the same Dragic, as the heat expected.

On the next season, if the Heat will be in great shape, the team will be a playoff contender, having Goran Dragic, Dwane wade, Hassan Whiteside, Chrish bosh, Josh Mcroberts, Loul Deng, this team is a great contender and threat for any team in the east.

This season is might be a disappointing season for the heat, a lot of injury that suffered by their player, LeBron James go home to Cleveland, closed game that they almost win in the last part of the season that maybe gets the team in the 8th place for the playoff? But unfortunately, the mighty team is set back for a while and come back strong next season.