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Michael Jordan Gives Emotional Tribute to Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are visiting the Charlotte Hornets, Arena (Time Warner Cable Arena) on Monday night (US Time) on their regular season game. Before the game start, Michael Jordan, owner of Charlotte Hornets, paid tribute to Kobe Bryant.

The video shows Michael Jordan, congratulating Kobe Bryant on his unbelievable career as he looks back the very first time they actually plays against each other. Jordan, see the competitiveness in Kobe Bryant’s eye even though the knowledge are not quite there yet.

Michael, also said that he was very happy on the accomplishment he made over the years and he also revealed that the team of Charlotte Hornets, was actually the one who drafted Kobe Bryant in 1996 NBA Draft, which eventually traded to LA Lakers.  a bond that connects  Kobe Bryant and the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael, also said that he was always been a big brother to Kobe Bryant that he treat him as a little brother that communicating all the time. He, treat Kobe Bryant just like him, that at the end of his basketball career, somehow or somewhat he can figure a way for a competitive job.

Jordan, also said that he was very grateful on the contribution of Kobe Bryant in basketball world, that many basketball fans are loving him.

At the end of the video, Michael said to Kobe, as your last season in NBA, enjoy have fun and looking forward to see you after this.

As Kobe Bryant, nearing the end of his career, every team that he visit is paying tribute to him on his unbelievable career in NBA.
source: youtube

Watch: Ginebra Lost To Global Port in a Controversial Non Call Ball Hogging Violation

PBA – The most popular team and crowd favorite Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, failed to advance to semi-finals, after a controversial non call of five seconds of ball hogging against Global Port player Stanley Pringle.

With only 8 seconds remaining in overtime, Global Port has the ball possession leading by one point 84 -83. Jay Washington received the inbound pass and quickly pass to Stanley Pringle.

Pringle, received the ball with 7.6 seconds remaining and was quickly trap by two Ginebra players. Pringle who holds the ball for more than 5 seconds until he pass the ball to his team mate with only 1.4 seconds remaining in the game.

The game run out of time that lead to Global Port win 84 – 83. while Global Port, celebrate their very first semi-finals since joining the PBA.

Ginebra, failed once again in their pursuing to reach another PBA Finals and perhaps winning a Championship where they last taste it in 2008 Fiesta Conference.

While the referee are reviewing the last play, Ginebra player and coach Tim Cone remain in the court while waiting on the result of their protest.

Sadly after all the replay and review on the last 8 seconds of the game, the non-calls of violation remain and the game was officially announce that Global Port won the game.

Base on the rules of officiating the non-call of ball hogging against Pringle, is cannot be reverse because no referee called any violation in the dying seconds of the game. although it was a clear violation that favor the Global Port and Ginebra was the victim of falls officiating of the referee.

Kobe Bryant Tops Early Votes for the 2016 NBA All Star Game

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The 17 time NBA All Star selection Kobe Bryant, once again lead the NBA All Star’s in voting during the first early returns of votes cast online.

The LA Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant, top all voters after earning 719,235 votes. Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors placed in second most votes with 510,202 votes, while Cleveland Cavaliers superstars LeBron James, top the east in voting and third overall with 357,937 votes.

Bryant, was the second most appearance in an all-star games with 17 times, only second to fellow Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 19 time appearance. Bryant, also hold the most all-star MVP with 4 times tied with tied with Bob Petit. He also hold the most career points in an all-star game with 280 points and most career steals in with 37 steals tied with Michael Jordan.

If Bryant, will maintain his leads in all –star voting. It will be his 18 time appearance in an all-star game, if he will not suffer any injury? I hope not!!!

The 2016 NBA All Star Game, will be the last all-star game for Kobe Bryant, after announcing earlier this season that he will retired at the end of the 2015-2016 NBA Season.

Meanwhile, 2 time all-star MVP, LeBron James, are also in a mission of writing history in an All-star game. James is 3 point shy of surpassing Kobe Bryant for the most career points in an all-star game.

Currently Bryant, holds the most career points with 280 points, followed by LeBron who has 278 points. Will be the 2016 all-star game that LeBron will surpass Kobe? Or will Kobe will extend another year  to hold the most career points in an all-star game in NBA History.

Watch: Video Of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurztbach, Showing Her In A Sexy Bikini

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The newly crown Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of Philippines, has been the talks of social media for several days after a controversial results of the recently conducted  Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The pageant ended in a very awkward way, where the host that night Steve Harvey, announce the wrong winner Miss Colombia but immediately correct his mistake and crown the true winner Miss Philippines.

Since then, Miss Philippines, became the hottest news in social media and recently a viral video of Pia Wurztbach, showing her in a very sexy bikini, while practicing her struts in preparation of the upcoming beauty pageant.

The short stunning video gain positive results where many netizens are wow and amazed of the very sexy Pia Wurztbach, while wearing her bikini.

The video was uploaded in Instagram, by his trainer and mentor, 6 weeks ago before the competition begins in Miss Universe 2015.
source: youtube

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach Of Philippines, Crown As The 2015 Miss Universe After A Controversial Mistake Of Host Steve Harvey

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Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, of the Philippines was crown as the newly winner of prestigious awards of 2015 Miss Universe.

Pia Wurtszbach, (26) born with a German and Filipino descent. Her father was a German and her mother was a Filipino. Currently she was an actress, model, host, TV personality, chef, beauty writer, stylist, makeup artist and beauty pageant.

She represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 2015 that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) Sunday night. (Monday morning here in the Philippines) The event became a controversy after a mistake in announcement of host Steve Harvey.

Harvey who announce Miss Colombia Ariadna Guitierrez as Miss Universe 2015 and that Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach as 1st runner-up.

But Harvey quickly apologized and corrected his mistakes and revealed that the real winner was Miss Philippines. he admitted that he read the card wrong of the actual winner.

Upon the correction of who really won the title, the crown was crown over Miss Philippines before the 2015 Miss Universe broadcast ended, Miss Philippines, who obviously shock of the turn of events on what happen of the coronation.

Even though we feel sorry for Miss Colombia who really thought she won, but its better to reveal who really are the real winner.

The Philippines, who always been a tough contender in every beauty pageant, finally regained the crown of Miss Universe after four decades of waiting. Maria Margarita Moran, was the last winner of Miss Universe in 1973 after Pia Wurtzbach, retain the title for the Philippines.

Gloria Maria Diaz, was the first ever winner of Miss Universe representing Miss Philippines in 1969.

Other Miss Universe Candidate that almost won the title are:

Janine Marie Tugonon – 1st runner up (2012)
Miriam Quiambao – 1st runner up (1999)

Watch The Announcement Of The Real Winner Of Miss Universe 2015

Duterte to Roxas I’ll Accept Your Challenge of Debate, if you are No.2 in Survey for Presidency

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Presidential candidates Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas and PDP-Laban standard-bearer Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao are having heated argument for the past several days. As the two aspirant for president are exchanging bad words for each other while the 2016 national elections is nearing.

The latest feud is that administration bet Mar Roxas is challenging Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to a one on one debate on how he will handle the government. But Mayor Duterte denied the challenge and replied that he will only accept the challenge if co-presidential candidate Mar Roxas, will rank at No.2 position in Social Weather Stations survey for presidency.

Currently Mar Roxas, is ranking at No.4, while Mayor Duterte is No.1 in the latest Social Weather Stations survey. Other presidential candidates are senator Grace Poe, ranking at No.2 and VP Binay at No.3.

For the past few days the feud of the two presidential candidates rises where Mayor Duterte accused Mar Roxas of not really being graduate in Wharton School, one of the most popular school in US.
Mar Roxas replied on the accusation of Duterte, that he dare Duterte to slap him, if he really did not graduate of the said school? But if Roxas, proven that his Wharton degree is true, then he will slap Mayor Duterte’s face.

Recently, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, COC or Certificate of Candidacy finally approved by the Commission of Elections (Comelec) in which Mar Roxas acknowledge. But still facing some cases filed by Ruben Castor, for the legitimacy of replacing or substituting Violence Against Crime and Corruption ( VACC ) chair Martin Diño as a presidential candidate of the PDP –Laban.

Watch: LeBron James Crushes On PGA Star Golfer Jason Day's Wife, After Saving A Ball

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Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James, accidentally crashes to a woman sitting in front of the court during a hustle play by James of trying to save a ball from getting out of the baseline in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The woman who happens to be the wife of a PGA star Golfer Jason Day, suffered minor injury where she was quickly assisted by medical personnel. She was put in a stretcher with a brace in her neck and quickly assisted and taken to the nearest hospital.

LeBron James, who is listed at 6’8” weighing almost 250 -270 lbs is big enough to hurt anybody like in the situation suffered by this woman, the video shows that James knock the woman off her chair and then James landed her while the both falling down the floor.

James, who quickly apologized to the woman name Ellie Day and to Jason Day for the incident that happen after a time out called by the cavaliers.

Reports said that Ellie Day tweeted that she was fine after the scary incident that happen to her while watching in front of an NBA games.
source: youtube

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Finally Approved His COC by the Comelec

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Presidential candidate and the No. 1 ranking in presidential survey Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, finally approved his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) by the Comelec. 

The Commission on Elections ( Comelec ) accepted the candidacy of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the standard - bearer of the party of PDP -Laban in 2016 national elections.

Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista, said in a press briefing that Comelec en banc favor Mayor Duterte for the substitution or replacing former Violence Against Crime and Corruption ( VACC ) chair Martin Diño as a presidential candidate of the PDP –Laban. The votes favored Mayor Duterte 6-1.

The administrative decision that the Comelec en banc made means that Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is on the list of presidential candidate in the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.

But Chairman Bautista, also said that the case filed against Mayor Duterte by Ruben Castor, is another case that could lead to a disqualification case and probably could end the possible candidacy of Duterte for president.  

If proven that the person that is substituting by Mayor Duterte, is not capable or invalid to run due to several factors? Duterte might be disqualified. Report’s said that Chair Martin Diño, is only running for Mayor of Pasay and not for President? So, it means that Duterte, cannot run for president but can only run for Mayor of Pasay. 

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is a top candidate for presidency, but he and presidential candidate senator Grace Poe, the two leading candidate for presidency are facing disqualification, if they were proven not capable to run for presidency then the country will have two options to choose for president next year Mar Roxas and VP Binay? 

Are you in favor that Mayor Duterte and sen. Grace Poe be disqualified? Or will you allow them to run, so that people may have the chance to choose more presidential candidates?
source: abante

Dec. 16, Updated Storm Signals and Area with Suspended Classes Due To Typhoon "NONA"

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At 4:00 am today Typhoon “NONA, was slightly weaken and is now in the West Philippine Sea.
The eye of the typhoon “NONA” was located based on all available data including Tagaytay Doppler Radar at 125 km Northwest of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro(14.0°N, 120.2°E).

The strength of the typhoon carry a maximum sustained winds of 130 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 160 kph. moving West Northwest at 9 kph.

Areas with Public Storm Warning Signals:

Public Storm Warning Signal No 03
(121-170 kph Expected in 18hrs.)

Northern Occidental Mindoro
including Lubang Island

Public Storm Warning Signal No 02
(61-120kph Expected in 24 hrs.)

Northern Oriental Mindoro
and the rest of Occidental Mindoro

Public Storm Warning Signal No 01
(30-60kph Expected in 36 hrs.)

Metro Manila
Southern Zambales
Calamian group of Islands
and the rest of Oriental Mindoro

Areas With Suspended Classes As Of Dec. 16, 2015

(Private and Public Schools)

All Levels:
Muntinlupa city
Laguna Province
Lipa city
Batanga Province
Rizal Province
Paranque city
Manila city
Marikina city
Pasay city
San Juan city
Quezon city
Taguig city
Valenzuela city
Makati city
Malabon city
Caloocan city
Pasig city
Mandaluyong city
Las pinas
Oriental Mindoro
Sta Maria, Bulacan
Marilao, Bulacan

Pre School to High School

Meycauayan city, Bulacan

Pre School to Elementary

Angeles city, Pampanga
Malolos city, Bulacan
Calumpit. Bulacan
Hagonoy, Bulacan
source: Pagasa

"Typhoon NONA" Latest Update And Storm Signals

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Philippines – the country will be experiencing from light to moderate and heavy rains due to a weather system that affecting the country. A tropical cyclone name “Typhoon NONA” with international name “Melor”,

The center of the typhoon was located  205 km East of Catarman, Northern Samar with coordinates of 12.5°N, 126.5° of 4:00 am according to PAGASA.

The typhoon carry a Maximum sustained winds of 150 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 185 kph, the movement of the typhoon was Forecast to move West at 17 kph.

Public storm signals was already raised from some part of the country in preparation for the upcoming typhoon.

(winds of 121.- 170 kph is expected in at least 18 hours)


Camarines Sur
Ticao Island


Northern Samar
Eastern Samar

(winds of 61 - 120 kph is expected in at least 24 hours)


Burias Island
Camarines Norte
Southern Quezon



(winds of 30 - 60 kph is expected in at least 36 hours)


Metro Manila
Oriental Mindoro
Occidental Mindoro
Lubang Island
Rest of Quezon
Polillo Islan


Southern Leyte
 Northern Cebu including
Camotes Islands
Northern Negros Occident


Dinagat province
Siargao Island

Typhoon NONA, is expected to make a landfall in the province over Sorsogon early tonight then cross Albay Province towards Burias Island, Estimated rainfall amount is from heavy to at times intense within the 300 km diameter of the typhoon. Flashfloods and Landslides is expected over areas under signal # 2 and 3.
source: pagasa

Watch: Brandon Vera Defeated Opponent With Only 26 Seconds For The "ONE Championship World Heavyweight Title"

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Philippines - ONE Championship : Spirit of Champions, was recently held in Mall of Asia, Manila last December 11, 2015. The event featured eight matches where thousand of Filipino watches the said event.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter Brandon Vera was featured in the main event for the ONE Championship World Heavyweight Championship. His opponent was Paul Cheng of Chinese Taipei.

Vera, who has a Filipino descent quickly ended the match against the opponent Cheng, in front of Filipino crowd. a powerful punch and a head kick that lead to a TKO with only 26 seconds was used in the 1st round of the main event.

Aside from Brandon Vera, undercard match also features some popular MMA Fighter,
Mark Striegl and Ana Julaton, both with Filipino descent was defeated by their own opponent. Striegl, suffered his second lost in MMA after tapping in a submission. He was defeated by Jordan Kucas in round 3, bantamweight class.

While Ana Julaton was defeated by Irina Mazepa in women’s flyweight in a unanimous decision. Julaton suffered her second lost in MMA.
source: youtube

Warrior’s Up Their Winning Streak to 24-0, Beating The Celtic's In Double Overtime

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Defending Champion Golden State Warriors, continue to make history in NBA, as they beat the Boston Celtics 124-119, Friday US time.

The Warrior’s now holds the second most winning streak in NBA, which is 28 wins. 24 wins from the current NBA Season and a carryover of 4 games from the last regular season where they win 4 straight games before the playoff begins.

The Warriors recently tied with Miami Heat for the second most winning streak of 27 wins before they defeated the Boston Celtics in a double overtime. The most winning streak is currently hold by the team of Los Angeles Lakers with 33 straight wins during the 1971-1972 NBA Season.

The Warriors are chasing history in NBA. They already hold the best start in NBA Season which is currently 24 wins. Next in line is the LA Lakers 33 winning streak, which is now in jeopardy of passing by the warriors. The only problem that will flinch of breaking the record of Lakers 33 wins is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors will faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in December 26, a finals rematch after the two teams meet in the 2014-2015 NBA Finals, where the warriors won the Championship. An expected situation where in all teams in the NBA why is that the Cavaliers is the one that are facing only to broke the record of the Lakers winning streak. If the warriors will not lose any game until Christmas day. It will an exciting game to watch.

 A win by the warriors in Christmas day against the cavaliers will tied the Lakers 33 most winning streak. For the cavaliers, it will be a sweet revenge if they win against the warriors. Not only they won but they failed the warriors to make another history in NBA, it will be a fun game to watch.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls who holds the best record in NBA with 72 – 10, in a single season are also in jeopardy of passing by the warriors, although it’s too early to tell in this early NBA season, the comparison between Chicago Bulls and Warriors first 23 games are almost similar. The bulls win their 21-2 in their first 23 games at the start of the season where they ended the season with 72 wins and 10 lost. And the warriors has 23 – 0. It looks like the warriors are in the right track.

Warrior’s list to make history in the 2015-2016 NBA Season

1. They currently hold the best start in NBA History
2. They are chasing the LA Lakers winning streak of 33 wins
3. They are chasing the best record in NBA season where the Bulls currently hold  72 – 10
4. Stephen Curry, is in chase of winning back to back MVP
5. Warriors are chasing the back to back NBA Championship

Watch “AlDub” Full Interview of BBC News

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Due to the extreme popularity of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub” here in the Philippines and some other country where there is a Filipino. A very popular broadcasting news and current affair features the AlDub duo in one of their article.

BBC News or British Broadcasting Corporation was recently interview the phenomenal tandem of “AlDub”.

Rico Hizon, of BBC News is the one who meet Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. The interview was based on how they handle their popularity? And if their love team will lead to real life, off cam?

The duo who answered all question very fluently in English and with very wise answer’s “that only people who are watching them in TV will know the answer of the real score between them”.

AlDub, who repeatedly tell by Alden and Maine in interview is just an accidental love team, it is not plan, it just happen. They also promote their upcoming movies “My Bebe Love” which will be shown on Christmas day. A movie that is featured in Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) which stars Vic Sotto, Ai Ai De las alas and the love team of “AlDub”.
source: youtube, bbc

LeBron James Sign a Lifetime Deal as Nike Endorser

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NBA Superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James, scores another milestone of his career but this time outside the basketball court.

James who has been an endorser of one of the biggest sports apparel “Nike” since before entering the professional basketball, has sign a new agreement that will benefit the NBA Superstar and Nike.

The partnership of LeBron and Nike. Start’s over the past 12 years, where James was paid $90 Million before entering the NBA.

With the new partnership where LeBron will have a lifetime partnership with Nike throughout his playing career and beyond will provides significant value to their business, brand and shareholders.

The Amount of the lifetime agreement is not stated so far, but it surely be the largest single athlete guarantee in company’s history. The lifetime deal was the first in shoe and apparel in company’s history. Currently James has a shoe and clothing line with Nike.

The timing of the lifetime deal by NIKE to LeBron, reveal some speculation about the rivalry of endorsement between Nike and Under Armour. And the rivalry of LeBron James and Stephen Curry of who is the best player of today’s NBA?

Perhaps LeBron James, has the upper hand when it comes to endorsement, belonging in the biggest and most popular company “Nike” and yet the 2015-2016 NBA Season is still too early to tell if Steph Curry is now the most exciting and the best player in NBA. Not if LeBron James can help it?

Joseph Estrada Will Run For President, If Grace Poe And VP Binay Will Be Disqualified For Presidency?

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Former President of the Philippines and now Mayor of Manila city Joseph Estrada, will likely to run again for president if her godchild Senator Grace Poe, son of his best friend  the late action star Fernado Poe Jr. where Poe will be disqualified to run for presidency if proven of lack of residency in the Philippines. while close friend vice president Jejomar Binay, for the alleged corruption that he currently facing.

If the two presidential candidates were proven guilty or disqualified to run for president in the 2016 president election, then Mayor Joseph Estrada will run for president. He will substitute Rommel Mendoza, secretary-general of Kalipunan ng Masang Pilipino (Kampil), an allied party of Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP).

Estrada, also said that if he will run again? He is interested to team up with Senator Bong bong Marcos to be his running mate in this coming 2016 elections.

Joseph Estrada, who once won the presidency in June 30, 1998. But later ousted in January 20, 2001 due to alleged corruption that leads to EDSA II. A peaceful people power revolution that once witness during the term of the so called dictator former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Estrada, was later put in a house arrest, where he was later granted pardon by the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. And the rest was history.

While, Ferdinand “Bong bong’ Marcos Jr. son of the late president Ferdinand Marcos and former first lady Imelda Marcos, who officially filed candidacy for vice president will team up with senator Miriam Santiago. But rumors that Santiago, will likely to withdraw her candidacy for president, if Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City will run for president? Which as of now Duterte, show interest to run for President.

With the possible disqualification of senator Grace Poe, and VP Binay, the withdrawal of senator Miriam Santiago. A new tandem for Presidency and vice presidency will likely to built if all scenario would happen? A possible Estrada and Marcos for 2016 National Election.
source: yahoo

Curry Scores 40! Lead Warriors To 22-0 NBA Best Start

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Stephen Curry, lead the Warriors in a 116-99 blown out win against the Charlotte Hornets.

GSW dominated the whole game against the Hornets, where it leads to 20 straight wins for the Warriors, the best NBA start in History.

Curry, scores 40 points, in just 3 quarters. He score 28 points in 3rd quarter, he sat down in the 4th quarter and never return after establishing their biggest lead of 21 points deficit.

GSW is the hottest team in the league. They are the team to beat right now! Every team in the NBA wants to end their winning streak. While the warriors wants to continue their streak as they want to make history.

For now the numbers to beat is 33 straight win which currently hold by the LA Lakers. Currently they are now holding the NBA Best Start of the season which is 20-0.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry, is having the best game of his life this 2015-2016 NBA Season. Leading the NBA in scoring and KIA MVP Race. He is now considering as the most exiting player to watch after Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James.

The way Step Curry play this season, merely missing every shot! He’s on the way of winning his back to back MVP. He averaged 32 points, 5.1 rebounds and 6 assist per game.

Senator Grace Poe, Disqualified By The Comelec For The 2016 Presidential Election

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Independent candidate Sen. Grace Poe, was disqualified from running in the 2016 presidential elections, according to the decision handed down by the Commission on Elections ( Comelec ) 2nd Division.

With a vote 0f 3-0, all member’s of the division favor Atty . Estrella Elamparo, in  which she filed a petition asking to cancel the certificate of candidacy ( COC ) of senator Poe, for running in 2016 Presidency.

Elamparo pressed his petition to ask sen. Poe to be disqualified for failing to meet the 10 - year residency ( in the Philippines ) a requirement that the Constitution provides for the presidential and vice all presidential aspirants.

Elamparo 's petition is one of only four disqualification cases that charges to  Poe in the Comelec.

Staff of senator Poe, are already said that the senator is ready to make a press conference about the said disqualification case.

While the running mate of senator Poe,  vice presidential candidate senator Chiz Escudero, already confirmed about the news of Poe’s disqualification but did not mention anything about the comelec discision.

According to the decision, it is verified that indeed that sen. Poe, is  lacking of years of residency in the Philippines. Which she became an American citizen. Poe, became a resident of the Philippines in July 2006 when she  apply  'dual citizenship ' . it only means that Poe, is two month short of residency to be able to be qualified to run for Presidency in the upcoming 2016 National Election.

Senator Grace Poe, Is one of the favorite candidate to win the presidency, along Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, with the disqualification of Poe, other candidate will have a better advantage of winning the presidency such as former DILG secretary Mar Roxas and vice president Jejomar Binay.
source: abante