Warrior’s Up Their Winning Streak to 24-0, Beating The Celtic's In Double Overtime

Defending Champion Golden State Warriors, continue to make history in NBA, as they beat the Boston Celtics 124-119, Friday US time.

The Warrior’s now holds the second most winning streak in NBA, which is 28 wins. 24 wins from the current NBA Season and a carryover of 4 games from the last regular season where they win 4 straight games before the playoff begins.

The Warriors recently tied with Miami Heat for the second most winning streak of 27 wins before they defeated the Boston Celtics in a double overtime. The most winning streak is currently hold by the team of Los Angeles Lakers with 33 straight wins during the 1971-1972 NBA Season.

The Warriors are chasing history in NBA. They already hold the best start in NBA Season which is currently 24 wins. Next in line is the LA Lakers 33 winning streak, which is now in jeopardy of passing by the warriors. The only problem that will flinch of breaking the record of Lakers 33 wins is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors will faced the Cleveland Cavaliers in December 26, a finals rematch after the two teams meet in the 2014-2015 NBA Finals, where the warriors won the Championship. An expected situation where in all teams in the NBA why is that the Cavaliers is the one that are facing only to broke the record of the Lakers winning streak. If the warriors will not lose any game until Christmas day. It will an exciting game to watch.

 A win by the warriors in Christmas day against the cavaliers will tied the Lakers 33 most winning streak. For the cavaliers, it will be a sweet revenge if they win against the warriors. Not only they won but they failed the warriors to make another history in NBA, it will be a fun game to watch.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls who holds the best record in NBA with 72 – 10, in a single season are also in jeopardy of passing by the warriors, although it’s too early to tell in this early NBA season, the comparison between Chicago Bulls and Warriors first 23 games are almost similar. The bulls win their 21-2 in their first 23 games at the start of the season where they ended the season with 72 wins and 10 lost. And the warriors has 23 – 0. It looks like the warriors are in the right track.

Warrior’s list to make history in the 2015-2016 NBA Season

1. They currently hold the best start in NBA History
2. They are chasing the LA Lakers winning streak of 33 wins
3. They are chasing the best record in NBA season where the Bulls currently hold  72 – 10
4. Stephen Curry, is in chase of winning back to back MVP
5. Warriors are chasing the back to back NBA Championship