LeBron James Sign a Lifetime Deal as Nike Endorser

NBA Superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James, scores another milestone of his career but this time outside the basketball court.

James who has been an endorser of one of the biggest sports apparel “Nike” since before entering the professional basketball, has sign a new agreement that will benefit the NBA Superstar and Nike.

The partnership of LeBron and Nike. Start’s over the past 12 years, where James was paid $90 Million before entering the NBA.

With the new partnership where LeBron will have a lifetime partnership with Nike throughout his playing career and beyond will provides significant value to their business, brand and shareholders.

The Amount of the lifetime agreement is not stated so far, but it surely be the largest single athlete guarantee in company’s history. The lifetime deal was the first in shoe and apparel in company’s history. Currently James has a shoe and clothing line with Nike.

The timing of the lifetime deal by NIKE to LeBron, reveal some speculation about the rivalry of endorsement between Nike and Under Armour. And the rivalry of LeBron James and Stephen Curry of who is the best player of today’s NBA?

Perhaps LeBron James, has the upper hand when it comes to endorsement, belonging in the biggest and most popular company “Nike” and yet the 2015-2016 NBA Season is still too early to tell if Steph Curry is now the most exciting and the best player in NBA. Not if LeBron James can help it?