Duterte to Roxas I’ll Accept Your Challenge of Debate, if you are No.2 in Survey for Presidency

Presidential candidates Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas and PDP-Laban standard-bearer Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao are having heated argument for the past several days. As the two aspirant for president are exchanging bad words for each other while the 2016 national elections is nearing.

The latest feud is that administration bet Mar Roxas is challenging Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to a one on one debate on how he will handle the government. But Mayor Duterte denied the challenge and replied that he will only accept the challenge if co-presidential candidate Mar Roxas, will rank at No.2 position in Social Weather Stations survey for presidency.

Currently Mar Roxas, is ranking at No.4, while Mayor Duterte is No.1 in the latest Social Weather Stations survey. Other presidential candidates are senator Grace Poe, ranking at No.2 and VP Binay at No.3.

For the past few days the feud of the two presidential candidates rises where Mayor Duterte accused Mar Roxas of not really being graduate in Wharton School, one of the most popular school in US.
Mar Roxas replied on the accusation of Duterte, that he dare Duterte to slap him, if he really did not graduate of the said school? But if Roxas, proven that his Wharton degree is true, then he will slap Mayor Duterte’s face.

Recently, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, COC or Certificate of Candidacy finally approved by the Commission of Elections (Comelec) in which Mar Roxas acknowledge. But still facing some cases filed by Ruben Castor, for the legitimacy of replacing or substituting Violence Against Crime and Corruption ( VACC ) chair Martin Diño as a presidential candidate of the PDP –Laban.