Michael Jordan Gives Emotional Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are visiting the Charlotte Hornets, Arena (Time Warner Cable Arena) on Monday night (US Time) on their regular season game. Before the game start, Michael Jordan, owner of Charlotte Hornets, paid tribute to Kobe Bryant.

The video shows Michael Jordan, congratulating Kobe Bryant on his unbelievable career as he looks back the very first time they actually plays against each other. Jordan, see the competitiveness in Kobe Bryant’s eye even though the knowledge are not quite there yet.

Michael, also said that he was very happy on the accomplishment he made over the years and he also revealed that the team of Charlotte Hornets, was actually the one who drafted Kobe Bryant in 1996 NBA Draft, which eventually traded to LA Lakers.  a bond that connects  Kobe Bryant and the Charlotte Hornets.

Michael, also said that he was always been a big brother to Kobe Bryant that he treat him as a little brother that communicating all the time. He, treat Kobe Bryant just like him, that at the end of his basketball career, somehow or somewhat he can figure a way for a competitive job.

Jordan, also said that he was very grateful on the contribution of Kobe Bryant in basketball world, that many basketball fans are loving him.

At the end of the video, Michael said to Kobe, as your last season in NBA, enjoy have fun and looking forward to see you after this.

As Kobe Bryant, nearing the end of his career, every team that he visit is paying tribute to him on his unbelievable career in NBA.
source: youtube