Senator Grace Poe, Disqualified By The Comelec For The 2016 Presidential Election

Independent candidate Sen. Grace Poe, was disqualified from running in the 2016 presidential elections, according to the decision handed down by the Commission on Elections ( Comelec ) 2nd Division.

With a vote 0f 3-0, all member’s of the division favor Atty . Estrella Elamparo, in  which she filed a petition asking to cancel the certificate of candidacy ( COC ) of senator Poe, for running in 2016 Presidency.

Elamparo pressed his petition to ask sen. Poe to be disqualified for failing to meet the 10 - year residency ( in the Philippines ) a requirement that the Constitution provides for the presidential and vice all presidential aspirants.

Elamparo 's petition is one of only four disqualification cases that charges to  Poe in the Comelec.

Staff of senator Poe, are already said that the senator is ready to make a press conference about the said disqualification case.

While the running mate of senator Poe,  vice presidential candidate senator Chiz Escudero, already confirmed about the news of Poe’s disqualification but did not mention anything about the comelec discision.

According to the decision, it is verified that indeed that sen. Poe, is  lacking of years of residency in the Philippines. Which she became an American citizen. Poe, became a resident of the Philippines in July 2006 when she  apply  'dual citizenship ' . it only means that Poe, is two month short of residency to be able to be qualified to run for Presidency in the upcoming 2016 National Election.

Senator Grace Poe, Is one of the favorite candidate to win the presidency, along Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, with the disqualification of Poe, other candidate will have a better advantage of winning the presidency such as former DILG secretary Mar Roxas and vice president Jejomar Binay.
source: abante