Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach Of Philippines, Crown As The 2015 Miss Universe After A Controversial Mistake Of Host Steve Harvey

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, of the Philippines was crown as the newly winner of prestigious awards of 2015 Miss Universe.

Pia Wurtszbach, (26) born with a German and Filipino descent. Her father was a German and her mother was a Filipino. Currently she was an actress, model, host, TV personality, chef, beauty writer, stylist, makeup artist and beauty pageant.

She represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 2015 that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) Sunday night. (Monday morning here in the Philippines) The event became a controversy after a mistake in announcement of host Steve Harvey.

Harvey who announce Miss Colombia Ariadna Guitierrez as Miss Universe 2015 and that Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach as 1st runner-up.

But Harvey quickly apologized and corrected his mistakes and revealed that the real winner was Miss Philippines. he admitted that he read the card wrong of the actual winner.

Upon the correction of who really won the title, the crown was crown over Miss Philippines before the 2015 Miss Universe broadcast ended, Miss Philippines, who obviously shock of the turn of events on what happen of the coronation.

Even though we feel sorry for Miss Colombia who really thought she won, but its better to reveal who really are the real winner.

The Philippines, who always been a tough contender in every beauty pageant, finally regained the crown of Miss Universe after four decades of waiting. Maria Margarita Moran, was the last winner of Miss Universe in 1973 after Pia Wurtzbach, retain the title for the Philippines.

Gloria Maria Diaz, was the first ever winner of Miss Universe representing Miss Philippines in 1969.

Other Miss Universe Candidate that almost won the title are:

Janine Marie Tugonon – 1st runner up (2012)
Miriam Quiambao – 1st runner up (1999)

Watch The Announcement Of The Real Winner Of Miss Universe 2015