Watch: Ginebra Lost To Global Port in a Controversial Non Call Ball Hogging Violation

PBA – The most popular team and crowd favorite Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, failed to advance to semi-finals, after a controversial non call of five seconds of ball hogging against Global Port player Stanley Pringle.

With only 8 seconds remaining in overtime, Global Port has the ball possession leading by one point 84 -83. Jay Washington received the inbound pass and quickly pass to Stanley Pringle.

Pringle, received the ball with 7.6 seconds remaining and was quickly trap by two Ginebra players. Pringle who holds the ball for more than 5 seconds until he pass the ball to his team mate with only 1.4 seconds remaining in the game.

The game run out of time that lead to Global Port win 84 – 83. while Global Port, celebrate their very first semi-finals since joining the PBA.

Ginebra, failed once again in their pursuing to reach another PBA Finals and perhaps winning a Championship where they last taste it in 2008 Fiesta Conference.

While the referee are reviewing the last play, Ginebra player and coach Tim Cone remain in the court while waiting on the result of their protest.

Sadly after all the replay and review on the last 8 seconds of the game, the non-calls of violation remain and the game was officially announce that Global Port won the game.

Base on the rules of officiating the non-call of ball hogging against Pringle, is cannot be reverse because no referee called any violation in the dying seconds of the game. although it was a clear violation that favor the Global Port and Ginebra was the victim of falls officiating of the referee.