Kobe Bryant Tops Early Votes for the 2016 NBA All Star Game

The 17 time NBA All Star selection Kobe Bryant, once again lead the NBA All Star’s in voting during the first early returns of votes cast online.

The LA Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant, top all voters after earning 719,235 votes. Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors placed in second most votes with 510,202 votes, while Cleveland Cavaliers superstars LeBron James, top the east in voting and third overall with 357,937 votes.

Bryant, was the second most appearance in an all-star games with 17 times, only second to fellow Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 19 time appearance. Bryant, also hold the most all-star MVP with 4 times tied with tied with Bob Petit. He also hold the most career points in an all-star game with 280 points and most career steals in with 37 steals tied with Michael Jordan.

If Bryant, will maintain his leads in all –star voting. It will be his 18 time appearance in an all-star game, if he will not suffer any injury? I hope not!!!

The 2016 NBA All Star Game, will be the last all-star game for Kobe Bryant, after announcing earlier this season that he will retired at the end of the 2015-2016 NBA Season.

Meanwhile, 2 time all-star MVP, LeBron James, are also in a mission of writing history in an All-star game. James is 3 point shy of surpassing Kobe Bryant for the most career points in an all-star game.

Currently Bryant, holds the most career points with 280 points, followed by LeBron who has 278 points. Will be the 2016 all-star game that LeBron will surpass Kobe? Or will Kobe will extend another year  to hold the most career points in an all-star game in NBA History.