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Tension In Makati City Hall Risen, As Makati Mayor Jun Jun Binay Refuses To Go Down

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MAKATI, Philippines – Mayor Jun Jun Binay, refuses to go down on his position as Mayor of Makati after a suspension order has been released by the Office of the Ombudsman.

The tension in Makati risen since Monday and Tuesday, after Mayor Binay, refuses to go down and upholds his decision to wait the decision of the Court of Appeals, that he filled one day before the release of his second suspension order.

The second suspension filled against Mayor Binay, is pertaining to the anomaly of Makati Science High School building which is believe that the said project has been overpriced.

VP Jejomar Binay, was also seen in Makati City Hall last Monday evening, supporting his son and followers of the said mayor, where a tension was temporary heated as the vice president confronts some police and a higher police officer and ordered them to allowed the supporters of Mayor Binay to go inside the Makati City hall.

Meanwhile DILG secretary Mar Roxas, said to Mayor Jun Jun Binay, " You don’t own Makati !," and it's important that the mayor will respect it, along with his family .

Maybe theVice President ( Jejomar ) Binay, should advise  his son Mayor Binay,  to respect and obey the law . Do they think they are dominating  the law ? "Said by the secretary.

The Department of Interior and Local Government ( DILG ) headed by Roxas was appointed by the Office of the Ombudsman to serve and implement the new suspension order against the mayor related anomalies in Makati Science High School building.

The suspension of any local official is a normal process and regular work of the Ombudsman but because of ' drama ' created by disobedience and resistance of younger Binay, the issue is growing.

Following this, the policemen from the Southern Police District ( SPD ) tried to serve the Ombudsman suspension order but it was blocked by the bodyguard and civilian supporters of the mayor who camp out in front of City Hall.

Supporters of Mayor Binay,became violent as they throw the  monoblock chairs to the police defending their self using their anti - rally shield.

Meanwhile Vice mayor of Makati, Romulo “Kid” Pena Jr. was sworn in as acting mayor of Makati.

Samsung Brings A Technology Called Safety Truck

Samsung just came up with a very bright idea of giving solution on how to overtake easily a bigger vehicle or truck in easy way.

Samsung one of the biggest maker of appliances, gadgets and other technology, comes with an idea of installing a  wireless camera mounted on the front of a truck, displaying the road ahead on a screen which a monitor  installed behind of the truck.

The Idea of this is to give the driver’s behind the truck a clear view on what is in front of the truck.  it help’s to see’s both lane so that it can easily determined if there is such vehicles is ahead or passing by on the other lane.

By this technology, drivers can easily overtake bigger trucks safely and probably this will benefits more on small cars. It will lessen such accidents and perhaps it will now be avoided with this kind of technology that given by samsung.

Hopefully other trucks owner or company truck will follow the idea of samsung? With this idea it will be safer ride to small vehicle that can view the road and can overtake easily with no possible obstruction by the help of a monitor installed behind the truck.

As a driver if you are following a big truck and you want to overtake its hard to see the other lane ahead of you, due to most of the view of the road is being obstruct by a truck, so this bright idea will definitely will very useful to all drivers out there.
source: youtube

Purefoods Advance In The Semis Keeping Their Hopes To Reach The PBA Governor's Finals

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The Defending Governors Cup Champion Purefoods Star Hotshots, advance in the semi finals after beating the Global Port Batang Pier yesterday in a 101 –  94 win by the Hotshots.

The Hotshots  is the #5 seed while the Global Port is the #4 seed , who they must beat twice in order to advance in the semis and keep their high hopes alive in defending their last title after grabbing the Grand slam champion last year.

The Hotshots beat the Batang Pier, in the first game of Quarter Finals. The first game was clearly dominated by the Hotshots after beating the Batang Pier with 53 points. One of the most blown out Playoff games in PBA history. The Hotshots forced a Game 2, in a do or die game.

In Game 2 , Purefoods start the game hot and looks like another blown out game as they take as much as 21 point lead in the first quarter. But the Batang Pier, came back in the 3rd quarter as they tied the game with a few minutes remaining in the 3rd.

But the Hotshots, did not give any chance to Batang Pier, to bring their momentum in the 4th quarter, as they take charge and regain their lead in a double digit lead and take game 2 to advance in the semis.

Purefoods who was then San Mig Coffee Mixers, is a two time defending Governor’s cup Champion and will have their chance to reach another finals appearance and chance to defend their title? Unless if they will pass the #1 seed Alaska Aces.

The semis  match will feature #1 Alaska Aces Vs Purefoods star Hotshots in a best of five, winner will advance in the PBA Finals. While the series against the Rain or Shine  Elasto painter are still waiting to the winners of San Miguel  Beer and Meralco Bolts.

Watch: Mysterious Lights In The Sky, Puzzled Netizens?

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A viral video of strange light that have seen and recorded by a biker in Greenwood, Indiana last June 12, 2015. During day time, a strange light that can be seen on the upper left corner of the video, seem’s like a mysterious light dancing in the sky.

At first seen you might be puzzled on what might caused that strange light? Your first impression might be an alien space craft covered with clouds that surveying the clouds by using lights or something else related to UFO activity?

The viral video, gain popularity in social media due to strange activity on what caused the lights and where it comes from?

Expert have some explanation on what caused this strange light?

The light that seen above the sky is a rare phenomenon of Thunder clouds that caused the ice crystal to reflect sun lights  due to electric field discharge. In other words, a lightning discharge can cause a sundog to jump. Soon, the old electric field may be restored, causing the ice crystals to return to their original orientation.

But despite this explanation still some of us are puzzled why this thing happening? Like strange sounds heard out in the sky and now  a mysterious lights out in the sky?  Do this thing are really part of the Earth’s rare phenomenon? Or the expert hiding something that they don’t want us to know? True that our Earth has many things of surprises that we not know yet.

Through the years Mysterious sightings like UFO, and other unexplained phenomenon have always has answer to the expert. The only thing that I want to know is? Are this  explanation were true? Or they just hiding something? Like the UFO sightings, many people proven and had video recorded  thing UFO sightings but until now  expert say that they are not true and just a military exercise or just a balloon? You’ll be the judge?
source: youtube

Death Toll In Karachi, Pakistan Rises Into 1,000 Dead, Due To Extreme Heat Wave

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Karachi, Pakistan - Thousand are dead due to extreme heatwave that is happening in the country of Pakistan and might continue to rise until the heat condition on the said country will be lessen to their natural temperature.

According to Anwar Kazmi of the Edhi Foundation , it can increase more and more  casualties because there are still many patient are being brought to the hospital that experiencing heatstroke and dehydration.

As of now  the casualty  nearly reaching 80,000 people were treated due to the effects of extreme heat on the said country.

But according to Dr. Seemin Jamali of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical College, they expect that the casualties will no longer increase if the temperature will be begin to decrease?

From 45 degrees Celsius in the past few days, its now  lowered on estimated 34 degrees heat .

However, medical authorities said that they will not be complacent in case that if the temperature will go back to 45 degrees Celsius?

Because of the extreme heat happening in Pakistan that caused many people died,  the hospital cannot accommodate all dead bodies, as they piled all dead bodies  outside the city morgues which are now covered in flies.

Doctors and nurses do what they can do to help all the victims of extreme heat but with limited supplies, the government-hospital is relying on volunteers and donors for even the basic necessities.

The Karachi city, are used to be in experiencing high temperature but this year is so brutal that the temperature hit into 44.8 degrees Celsius. the highest-recorded temperature in the country in the last 15 years.
source: CNN

Purefoods Star HotShot Will Try To Extend Their Campaign Against The Global Port Batang Pier

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The defending  “2014 Governor’s cup Champion” Purefoods Star Hotshots who was then San Mig Super Coffee Mixer, will have their last stand to defend their last title that they grab last year and then  claiming the Grand Slam Champion.

The Star Hot Shot, who has no luck on this 2015 season as they never reached a finals appearance, in the last two conference, as they were eliminated early in the Philippine cup by the Meralco Bolts in Quarterfinals match  and was ousted by Talk and Text In Semi finals in Commissioner's Cup.

This time they will face the #4 seed Global Port Batang Pier in a twice to beat advantage. The Hotshot must defeat the Batang Pier in order to advance into the semifinals and continue their chance on defending their title? and  will be facing the winner of Alska and Ginebra San miguel.

Marcus Blakely,  their best import for the last three season,will again help the Hotshots to retain their title? The prolific import who is known for hardworking inside the court and dubbed as “Mr.everything” will need the help of 2 time MVP James Yap, “Pinoy sakuragi” Marc Pingris, Joe Devance, PJ Simon, Marc Barocca, and some bench player.

Meanwhile the Global Port Batang Pier, who rarely seen in the quarter finals, will have to prove their selves that they deserve to be in the playoffs and the best thing to do is to eliminate the defending champion Purefoods.

Global Port has the twice to beat advantage on this series match. one win to advance to semifinals. while the Hotshots, needs to beat the Global Port twice, to advance to semifinals. winner's will face the winner of Alaska aces vs Ginebra.

The games between the Purefoods and the Global port will start today at 4:15, Friday at Smart Arenata Coliseum.

Watch: Mars Curiosity Rover, Discovered Pyramid In Planet Mars

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A viral image of what is looks like a Pyramid or a marker that has been discovered in the red "Planet Mars” by the  Mars Curiosity Rover.

The artifact was reported  to be a near perfect designed of a Pyramid, can be easily be seen on martian surface due to the size of the said artifact with a scale of a small car.

Some theory said that the artifacts might be the cap or the tip of a bigger pyramid which has been buried million of years ago? Or maybe just a marker stone?

Through the centuries, the pyramid shape markers stone has been used by many cultures as to guide travelers in desert regions. in some cases these type of marker are being used as grave stone and even monument for famous people.

The mysterious artifacts found on the red planet, with a a perfect shape of a pyramid might be no coincidence on why they are there? perhaps an ancient civilization before built it for some reason? or purpose?

As of now, Scientist  and expert are exploring  and studying the universe and nearby planets in discovering habitable and alien life through centuries.

They are more bold now in exploring the universe as they extend there exploration  in  nearby Galaxy and very distant Planet by using high technology.

One of the most intriguing planet and perhaps the most similar planet on our Planet Earth is the Planet Mars. Who once believe that life was existed on that planet. But such speculation has not been proven  on life existing on Mars.

Furthering their study through via telescopic investigations  and by sending robotics rover to further explore the said planet and after several mission some evidence  of  remains of alien civilization,
artifacts such as pyramid, evidence of  vast ancient  ocean water that proven exist some billion of years ago and UFO sighting .These are some of the reports that has been discovered in Planet Mars.
source: youtube

Viral Photo Of A Tyrannosaurus rex, Confused People Of Their Existence

Due to a Box Office hit  of the latest installment of Jurassic  Park, “The Jurassic World”  Which the story based on  a theme park with a lot of re-animated dinosaur and a hybrid T-rex.

Due to this popularity of the movie, some expert or should I say edited photo or fake photo of a dinosaur has been circulating in social media world. And the most shocking of this false information, some people believes that the picture that they saw are true and believe that they still really exist.

Funny, seem’s that the people that believe that they still exist? May not know the history and existence of the dinosaur, who once ruled the planet.

A particular photo and perhaps the most viral photo of a dinosaur that has been  uploaded in social media is the  Tyrannosaurus or t-rex, in which the said dinosaur is captured and being tied down in a flat bed truck while travelling in unknown places?

The picture gained several comments as many people has been confused and they were believed that the said dinosaur were truly exist and they should be let go to their own natural habitat, some say the people who did to this to the dinosaur should be punished because of the cruelty that they doing in the said dinosaur.

Just for the record, as far as I know and what history told us, dinosaur do not exist on present day! They are billions of years gone.  a devastating impact of asteroid that hit the Planet Earth that caused all dinosaur to be extinct.  That’s what the history tell us? Otherwise if that’s not true? And tomorrow will see a true dinosaur walking down the street? Who knows?

Many extinct animals has been declared extinct but some reports that they still seen in present day? Expert sometime gives false information? Just like these dinosaur, who we believe that they truly extinct and yet maybe they still exist and just hiding somewhere?

Today, dinosaur can be seen on alive on movie and in some museum where their fossils are being displayed.
source : youtube

Maja Salvador's Hot Performance Of "Twerk It Like Miley" In ASAP

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Maja Salvador performed a very hot dance together with Enrique Gil as ther perform  the famous song of Brandon Beal "Twerk It Like Miley".

Last Sunday, June 21 in ASAP, an ABS CBN, Sunday entertainment shows, Maja and Enrique, perform their own version of "Twerk It Like Miley" which gained popularity in social media and teliviewer's which shows a very hot performance particularly Maja Salvador.

Maja Salvador, who has been known for her acting, singing and dancing has been dubbed as the dance princess, as many people recognized her very good dancing ability.

The dance video has gained already of  610, 410 viewer with 1,851 likes as of now in youtube and continues to grow!

Social media users, has different opinion on the performance of Maja Salvador  dancing ability and style. But most of the comments are more on praising Maja Salvador, as many says she dance great and effortless… others say that Maja should have her own dance floor  show's… other say also that Maja is an art on dancing. overall the performance of Maja Salvador dance ability has gained a lot of appreciation than criticism.
source: youtube

COMELEC, Reminds All Voters To Validate Their Biometric's In Order To Vote This Coming Elections

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The Commission on Elections ( Comelec ) recently urged over 4.3 million voters to undergo biometrics , which is the major requirements to all voters in order to vote in the upcoming 2016 elections on May 9, 2016.

The Commission on Election set a reminder that October 31, 2015, will be the last day of registration in order to vote.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said that without biometric's, registered voters will not be able to vote  in 2016 elections.

Jimenez also said that all Comelec offices are open nationwide to receive the validation and registration of the applicant from Sunday to Friday, at around 8 am to 5 pm.

The Comelec, also built a registration office and off- site validation center in some shopping malls to serve voters that has not been validated their registration.

Under the biometric system, all the information of the voters are recorded including photograph, fingerprint and signature in the database of the Comelec. in this way it will purge any duplication of registration from the final voter list.

Jimenez also insisted that all voters must validate their biometric records before voting on election day, so to avoid any problem.

Comelec aggressively implemented the campaign "No Bio, No Vote "  Republic Act 10367 or An Act Providing For all Voters to  Mandatory Biometrics Registration,  which was implemented last June 26 , 2013.

The law explain that if you have not set up a registered voter biometrics , it must be subjected to validation to establish a complete list of voters with complete biometric data for the May 2016 national and local elections .

Jimenez said that if a voter fails to have it validated his or her biometric, he or she will be not listed in the final voters list and can only apply for their registration records  for reactiviation after May 2016 elections.

Meanwhile, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte, also appealed to all Filipino voters to avoid last- minute validation and registration.

The problem that we faced during normal elections will be lessen. So we beg you not to wait to the last week, the last three days , or the last day , even last two minutes to get your biometrics , "she said.

Registration starts for  new and old voters on May 6, 2014 and ending on October 31 , 2015.
source: interaksyon , youtube

Filipina Won A Beauty Pageant In Malaysia Even At Aged 68 Years Old

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A  timeless beauty  of a 68 -year-old Filipina beat 31 other contestants from various countries, and get the crown as Mrs. Asia International Classic in Malaysia recently.

Ludivina Lelim Nacionales, said that even in her dream  she never thought to be one of the beauty queen?

Although she was the oldest among all candidates, her  beauty and talent dominated the competition which was held in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I'm the oldest of all the candidates and they're all beautiful actually. But I think the judges liked me because of the way I carry myself," said by the 68 year’s old Filipina.

She confess, that she almost lost hope when the event " Glitter Night , " held before the coronation night . in 20 special awards that was given experiences , she got nothing.

But because she bears the name of the Philippines , she says she challenge her self and fight hard when the grand coronation night held, four titles she earned among the highest is Mrs. Classic Aasia International.

The life of Ludivina, can be compared to a fairy tale who is a is a single mother and tried her luck in America .

She nearly surrendered her life in the US because she has no job and only dealing with the cooked dish with fellow Filipinos.

But due to the effort , she had saved  some money and invest and build a board and care home for the elderly were among those are her  inspiration of  her participating  in the aforementioned competition
source: GMA

LeBron James, Seem's No Luck In NBA Finals? As He's Records Falls 2 Out Of 6

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LeBron James, is a 4 time MVP, 2 time NBA Champions and  2 time Finals MVP , the most dominant player and perhaps the best basketball player of today’s basketball game.

But despite all the individual awards that he has, he is lacking of NBA Championship, despite having 2 Championship rings in Miami, he had lost 4 times in NBA Finals and the latest is the 2014 – 2015 NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors.

James, seem’s has no luck in winning NBA Championship? He is now down  2 out of 6 in NBA Finals, He’s 2nd consecutive loss in the Finals, dated back last year when he’s still in Miami.

Despite being short handed due to some injury of key players, James  posted he’s best NBA Finals performance averaging 35 pts., 11 reb., and 8 assist. Giving his all to give a good fight on the heavily favored  Golden State Warriors.

 Many expeculations that LeBron James, might win the Finals MVP, in a loosing team, which once happen in 1969 which was awarded to Jerry West. But the history did not happen, as Andre Igoudala named the Finals MVP.

After the finals has done and a new Champion was named, LeBron James was  the most trending in social media, criticized by many? Posting some meme’s of him , insulting him and yet  only some recognized his great performance in 2015 NBA Finals.

Why many people love’s LeBron James to fall? If he only just won all the NBA Finals that he participate, he may now have 6 rings and tied Michael Jordan and maybe sealed his legacy as the greatest player ever played the game at age 30. But it did not happen, with another lost in the Finals, the comparison to MJ are now giving more gap that LBJ will never as closed to MJ, when it comes to Championship rings.

LBJ legacy is still written, they are still many years to play until he retired and perhaps when all is set and done the comparison between MJ and LBJ will be finally judge and who is the best player of all time?

Greatness is not measured on how many Championship you have? It’s a combination of individual stats and impact to your teams And for me that’s the true measurement of having the title of the greatest player of all time. For now Michael Jordan holds it.

GSW Crown As The New NBA Champion Beating The Cavaliers In Game 6, 105 - 97

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Golden State Warriors, finally win the 2014 – 2015 NBA Championship after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6, 105 – 97 in Quicken’s Loan Arena.

After their first Championship in 1975. The warriors wait 40 years of drought till they once again an NBA Champion.

The warriors who  win the last three games, after being down 1 – 2, in the series,  changed their starting line up in Game 4, since then they beat the cavaliers 3 straight game and take the series  4 – 2.

The warriors, mostly dominate Game 6, leading as much as 13 points in the first half and posting their biggest lead  15 points in the 2nd half. But the cavaliers refused to go away as they cut down the lead of the warriors in the 1st half 45 – 43 warriors.

The cavaliers had taste their last lead in the game in the 3rd quarter 47 – 45. Since then they never lead again. James and the cavaliers had their last stand as JR Smith, made some 3 point shot as they refused to give up in the 4th quarter and closed the gap  97 – 101 with 32 seconds remaining  but felt short as the warriors hold on to the game.

LeBron James, lead all scorer with almost another triple double 32 pts. 18 reb. and 9 asst. but look exhausted on most part of the game.  Meanwhile Adrei Igoudala was named Finals MVP, but was booed by Cleveland  Cavaliers fans, as they were expecting that LeBron James, should be the one named as Finals MVP.

Step Curry, the regular season MVP, despite playing great in the finals lost the finals MVP to team mate Andrei Igoudala. Curry scores in Game 6 with 25 pts., 8 assist and 6 reb. While the Finals MVP Igoudala scores 25 pts, 5 reb., 5 assists.

Congratulations to 2014 – 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, the best team in the NBA.

Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection In Public Areas, Finally Approved In The House Of Representatives

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Manila, Philippines - The House of Representatives  finally approved a bill that will put a free wireless Internet connection in public areas of the country such as parks , plazas and transport terminal .

The main purpose of the bill is to provide free source of internet connection for the people in public places , according to the author of House Bill No. 5791,  Kabataan Party- list Rep. Terry Ridon.

The bill was also defended by the House Committee on Information and Communications Technology chairman Rep . Joel Roy Duavit of  Rizal,  to set it to the plenary of  the Chamber.

Under the proposal , required the relevant agencies to put broadband hot spots in all national government offices ; the state university and colleges ; public parks and plazas ; public hospitals and public transportation terminals.

The free wi-fi internet connection should not apply any passwords, unless if there are some issues of  security risks in the area where the wi-fi was installed.

The Information and Communications Technology Office ( ICTO ) of the Department of Science and Technology ( DOST ) is directed to lead the bill implementation of the said program.

The bill stated that there will be no charges to any public user of  free wi- fi internet connection, and the user must be protected  and respect their privacy for using it.
source: GMA

GSW Takes Game 5, 104 -91! One Win Away To Grab The 2014 -2015 NBA Championship

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LeBron James, has another monster performance in Game 5 as he recorded his 2nd triple double in   2014 – 2015 NBA Finals. James lead all scorer as he scored another  40 points, 14 rebounds  and 11 assist, But came short as the warriors take Game 5, 104 - 91

The Cavaliers and the warriors are in tight to tight race in the first three quarter of Game 5. But the warriors, has the more will and fire power cast to finish the cavaliers in the last quarter as they pull away and established their double digit lead of 10 points with 2:31 remaining in the 4th quarter.

Stephen Curry, exploded later in the fourth as he scored 37 points  in the game and makes very crucial plays and back to back 3’s, that leads into win of the warriors and takes the series lead 3 – 2.
In Game 4, the warriors change their starting five as Andrei Igoudala, starts in place of Andrew Bogut. Since then the warriors beat the cavaliers convincingly in a blowout Games 4 and Game 5.

As the series progress the warriors are now clearly have the advantage for having a deep and better team, having the reigning MVP Step Curry and fire power cast, Klay Thompson, Drayman Green, Andrei Igoudala, Harrison Barns, off the bench player Livingstone , Barbosa and  David Lee.

With one win away for grabbing the 2014 – 2015 NBA Championship, the warriors will have their first chance in Quickens Loan Arena in Game 6. Bringing home there 2nd title in 40 year’s drought.
For the cavaliers, who as of now, has no answer on the warriors new starting five, are in the brick of losing the Finals?

 In Game 5, the Cavaliers, limit the playing minutes of Russian center Timofey Mosgov, as they play small  to match the warriors line up. but still, the warriors dominance the cav’s in Game 5.
With a loss away for the cav’s it will be their second lost in the NBA Finals, since in 2007 against the San Antonio Spurs.

The Cavaliers who already a short handed line up, after loosing two all star player Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are heavily the underdog. But having the best player of today’s game, LeBron James, they are pushing their limits to beat the # 1 seed.

In order to win Game 6, LeBron James will need more help and impressive performance to JR Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mosgov.
Game 6, on Tuesday June 16 at Quickens Loan Arena

LeBron James Is In The Verge Of Loosing Another NBA Finals

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LeBron James, is without a doubt the best player in 2014 – 2015 NBA Finals. Averaging almost 40 points per game and recording two triple doubles in the Finals is truly an impressive performance. if winning Finals MVP can also be awarded in a loosing team? Perhaps James, deserves to be the Finals MVP.

But that is not the case,  James must prevent to loose in Game 6  at home and Game 7 in Oracle Arena  if necessary  to avoid his 2nd consecutive loss in the finals and drops down 2 - 4 looses in the NBA Finals.

Currently LeBron James, is 2 out of 5 in NBA Championship, winning two titles in Miami Heat and loosing 2 NBA Finals against San Antonio Spurs and 1 NBA Finals in Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron James is having his 5 consecutive NBA Finals appearance, the most finals appearance in NBA history tying the Boston Celtics. James who has with a total of 6 NBA Finals. Is in the verge of loosing another NBA Finals, putting him away to the goat Michael Jordan who is 6 out of 6 in the Finals.

This is what  critics awaits, on what James will do to avoid another lost in the Finals? Surely he is the best player of today but sealing it, is to pull away a great comeback by leading his team cavaliers with minor supporting cast and without the two all star Kevin Love and kyrie Irving in the finals.

Individually LeBron James, is truly an extraordinary player, having a skill of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Surpassing and breaking records  that established of previous superstars. Little by little James is putting his name is Mt. Rushmore.

On Game 6 of 2014 – 2015 NBA Finals, LeBron James and the cavaliers will try to extend the series into Game 7. Is now or never win or go home?
Lets see on what or who’s LeBron James will show in Game 6?

PAGASA, Say's Rainy Season Has Not Yet Reached All The Criteria Of Declaring It

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Philippine Atmospheric , Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration ( PAGASA), express that the country  have not yet reached all criteria or basis for officially declaring the rainy season .

According to PAGASA weather forecaster Meno Mendoza, including such basic daily existence of thunderstorms , southwest wind and having a total recording 25 mm . rainwater on five consecutive days.

In mid- June, the agency eventually hopes of entering the rainy season.

Meanwhile, the weather will continually affects the ridge of  high pressure over Northern and Central Luzon  and  the country will experience a warm and sunny weather.

At the same time, it is expected that the country will experience scattered rain, lightning and thunder storm in the afternoon or evening.

The country which  has two season, the wet and dry season. The dry season happens during November and ends in May. While the rainy season usually starts at June till October. Usually on the month of September and October, the country experienced the most number of typhoons that entering the Philippine area of responsibility.

The country will continually experience temperature of  25-34 ° C  in Metro Manila while fishermen are still safe to take voyage  anywhere in the country.

Trivia: Remembering Nintendo Family Computer

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Before there were Desktop, Laptops, Tablet, android phones  and other related gadgets that we can use to play games today, there is one family computer that once famous during the 80’s.

Nintendo Entertainment System or NES is a popular computer games during the early 80’s through 90’s. It was first released  on July 15, 1983 In Japan and became worldwide sell all over the world, it was later released in America, Europe and Australia.

The console became the most popular entertainment and exiting  game on that time,  the notable games that released by Nintendo are 1942, 2010 Street Fighter, Bomber King, Contra, Pac-Man and others but the most popular games of all time that up to know is highly recognized and being released in some latest computer games is the Mario Brothers or Super Mario.

Super Mario, the game that highly and most played game of Nintendo, even I,during my early years as a kid, I was one of the avid fans of this game. Its just like DOTA of today's popular game versus Super Mario of Nintendo.

Super Mario’s popularity came to Cinema, they create a ,movie, a sitcom, cartoons that relates on the true story of the game.

Even though, the console is very rare in to this day,somewhat we are very thankful of this consoles in the contribution in computer games, it revolutionized the computer games of today.
In 2009, the Nintendo Entertainment System was named the single greatest video game console in history by IGN.

Nintendo Console might be rarely exist today, but NES game are still, circulating and reproducing on some computer games  like desktop , laptops and other gadgets. Even the Super Mario can be seen on today's game but the popularity of the game is not it used to be.

Nowadays, computer gamer's most like role playing game, online games and other high technology games.

An Italian Company Are Studying On How To Convert A Fish Poop Into A Source Of Energy

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Apart from making as a fertilizer or manure on the ground , Experts are now studying on how a manure of a milk fish can turn into energy sources?

Joanne Ponsoy of  GMA News Dagupan Philippines on Friday , explained  that Mang Serafin , a fishery guardian in Pangasinan , he controlled the quantity of feeds  of  milk fish for them not to die.

Aside from the heated season , it is possible to that due to milk mish poop droppings which accumulate under water may rise the growing of fish kill.

"Before the harvest , we clean and  removing  the poop droppings   in the bottom of the fishery , " said Serafin .

So with this time of  hot weather , we are forced to clean the milk fish poop droppings.

The poop or waste of the milk fish, is also being used as a fertilizer or manure  instead of throwing it away for nothing.

Now , analyzes from an Italian company studying  to make biogas, a source of energy from the poop dirt of a milk fish , as it does now in the chicken manure.

If you can use chicken poop for renewable energy like biogas , you might also see the excretion of milk fish , "said Manila mayor Arthur Celeste.

If the project becomes successful , it will help it to be clean other waterways  in Pangasinan including Caquipotan Channel to prevent fish kill.

But the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources , explained that simply removing the dirt of the fish in one way to prevent fish kill.

Still the best solution is to remove the illegal fish pen and fish cages especially in Caquipotan channel,

Too much  fish pen causes the decrease of dissolved oxygen in the water that causes the death of fish
source: GMA

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Golden State Warriors Tied The Series 2 - 2, After A Dominant Performance Against The Cavaliers In Game 4, 103 - 82

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The Golden State Warriors dominant the Cleveland Cavaliers  in Game 4, 103 – 82. and tied the series 2 -2 a piece.

After a strong start by the cavaliers, 7 – 0 run in the 1st quarter, The warriors controlled most of the game as they ended the 1st quarter 31 – 24, GSW lead.

LeBron James, who suffered bloody head after crushing into a camera men after a hard foul given by Andrew Bogut, he has been limited by the warriors. As James, scores  his lowest output in the 2015 Finals  20 pts., 12 rebounds and 8 assist.  Way far away from his first three games, which he averaged 41 pts per game.

The warriors,  change their starting lineup, as they start Ande Igoudala, first time in this season, in exchange to Andrew Bogut.  A decision that work? As they dominance Game 4. Igoudala scores 22 points and 8 rebounds who also played a great defense against LeBron James.

Cavaliers who make a comeback in the 3rd quarter after trailing 15 points, cutting the warriors lead into three. And ended the 3rd quarter down by 6 pts. 70 -76 warriors.

Timofey Mosgov, has a great 3rd quarter and who lead all scorer, with a career high 28 points and 10 rebounds. Matthew Dellavedova 10 points and shot 2 out of 9 in the 3 point area.
In the 4th quarter, the warriors pull away, as the cav's never recovered from the big deficit posted by the warriors.

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry, scores 22 points and 6 assist. Shots from the field 8 out of 17 and 3 out of 7 from  3 point area.

Game 5 , is on Sunday at Oracle Arena.

Cleveland Cavaliers Hold On To Win Game 3 Of NBA Finals, 96 - 91 Against GSW

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Cleveland Cavaliers, once again proved the world that they can beat the Golden State Warriors even without their  two superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. As long as the king is in their side the chance of winning the NBA Championship is very clear.

Unlike the first two games, Game 3 did not goes to overtime,but the excitement and thrill are there, that you’ll  never know who will win till the last  buzzer sounds? Cleveland Cavaliers hold on  to a  96 – 91 win over the warriors to lead the series 2 – 1.

LeBron James,  lead all scorer nearly grabbing another triple double 40 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assist  and had a great help to Matthew Dellavedova who scored 20 points and made some crucial plays that help the Cav’s to win Game 3.

Cavaliers who had a 20 point lead, 68 – 48 with 2:52 seconds in the 3rd quarter, has  blown away their lead after the Golden State warriors makes a run in the 4th quarter comeback and cut down the deficit to 1 pt., after a big three from  Stephen Curry,  80 – 81 with 2:45 seconds to go in the 4th.

But Matthew Dellavedova, makes a crucial play making a basket and a foul against Curry. Lifting the Cav’s 84 – 80.

With 18.9 seconds to go, GSW cut the lead to three , 91 – 94. But failed short as the Cav’s secured Game 3.

Stephen Curry, exploded late in the 4th quarter , scoring  a total of 27 points but came short in a GSW comeback.

Game 4 , is on Thursday at Quickens loan Arena, will the Cavaliers take the series 3 – 1 or will the Warrior's tied the series 2 -2.

Mystery Of Trumpet Sounds Continue, As The Mystery Was Recorded This Time In The Philippines

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A mysterious sounds that was heard in some part of the world in the past few years was once again heard and this time the latest report  was recorded in Batangas, Philippines.

The eerie Trumpet sounds was recorded by a residence in Batangas, on June 4, 2015. during that time, the viral video shows that the sky were dark and the clouds is in the form of cumulonimbus, as you can hear the mysterious sounds, that you cannot determined on what or where the sounds comes from?

PAGASA, said that the mysterious sounds might comes from the sea? Because the place where the sound was heard are near the sea and or it might comes from a bird? But expert from around the world where the similar sounds was also heard. Explained that the mysterious sounds is a natural sound of the Earth.

Our Earth has many mystery? That mystery of trumpet sound that heard in Batangas and some places in the world, might be a natural phenomenon? Similar to Aurora lights, but a further explanation must conduct more by our expert on why it is happening all over the world? And why on many places?

Some people are now might think that it is a sign of the second coming or end of the world?  Lets face it, hearing such thing like mysterious sounds? Without knowing or having no idea on where it comes from Is  a scary thing,  this is real, I watched similar report of this mysterious sounds and it is really a scary one.

Many people proven the report of trumpet sound and they were a lot of video that was recorded and uploaded in youtube.

This viral video was also reported in Philippine local news 24 oras and maybe a lot of people who watched the news are now scared or puzzled on what they watched.
sources: GMA , youtube

No More Sweep For The Warrior's, Cav's Win Game 2 In OT/ 95 - 93

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In an NBA Finals history a back to back game that goes in Overtime where the Cleveland Cavaliers, bounce back in Game 2, beating Golden State warriors in OT, 95 – 93. Tied the series 1 -1.

For the first time in franchise history the cavaliers, won their very first win in NBA Finals, since the 2007 NBA Finals where they were sweep by the San Antonio Spurs.

Picture credits to

As many NBA sports fanatic predict that the series will go on in a sweep by the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers proved them wrong as they beat the warriors and stunt the Oracle Arena fans in an exiting overtime Game 2. With the win of the cavaliers, the series will shift to Quickens Loan Arena, where the Cavs will depend their home and hopefully win.

Just like in Game 1, the game goes in overtime, but this time the result where different as the cavaliers hold on and win the game. With the heroic of Matthew Dellavedova, making two clutch free throw that sealed the game, a nice defense to Stephen Curry that missed a shot that might win the game for warriors  and another triple double performance of LeBron James, who emotionally lifted the Cavs, with 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assist.

 With everything seems going on the side of the Cavaliers leading by 11 pts. With under 3 minutes remaining in regulation, the warriors makes a 15 – 4 run to tied the game and send the game into overtime.

Unlike in Game 1, LeBron James attacks the basket to score, but despite the contact, referee did not  give a call of foul. Tristan Thompson had the opportunity to follow up the basket but missed the shot and end the regulation and goes to overtime.

In Overtime, Cavaliers starts strong leading by 5, before the warriors scores back to back in the hand of Draymond Green and a two free throws of Stephen Curry that gives back them the lead 93 – 92 warriors lead.

With 29 seconds remaining in OT, LeBron James, attack the basket but he was block by Draymond Green, Cavs, keeps the possession of the  basketball  and set for offense James Jones pull a three point shot but missed, fortunately Dellavedova was there for a put back and was foul by Barns.
Dellavedova makes two clutch free throw that gives them the lead 94 – 93. Curry missed a shot, James was fouled a makes 1 free throw to up their lead to two, 95 – 93.

With 4 seconds remaining the warriors had the chance to tie or win the game with a 3 point shot but Curry makes a turn over after passing the ball to Klay Thompson and was anticipated by Iman Shumpert.

Game 3, will resume to Cleveland's, Quickens Loan Arena.

Injury Caused Kyrie Irving To Be Out For The Rest Of NBA Finals

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Cleveland Cavaliers All star point guard Kyrie Irving, will not be available to play the remainder of NBA Finals.

Irving who already suffering injury from his knee and foot during the semi final round and conference finals, has already sidelines him for two games and was reported to be out for the rest of NBA Finals.

The all star point guard who already injured, take advantages of an eight days break after the Cavaliers sweep the Atlanta Hawks, before the finals start. But unfortunately he re-injured his injury after slipping and had an awkward falls in Game 1 of NBA Finals against the Golden State warriors, in what an exiting match till Irving suffered the injury in Overtime that might caused them to loose the game.

Irving, who undergo an MRI exam, was diagnosed of fractured left knee cap and will have surgery that will end his season. report said that the estimated time of recovery will be three to four months.

Irving who is unfortunate to missed the rest of NBA Finals, after reaching his first NBA Finals appearance together with all star forward Kevin Love, who suffered also an injury during the first round match against the Boston Celtics. Without the two all star player, the cavaliers must step up and filled their places in order to beat the heavily favored Golden state warriors.

Matthew Dellavedova, is expected to fill the shoes of injured Kyrie Irving, who has seen an impressive game against the series between Atlanta Hawks and the Cavaliers. While without the help of Irving, LeBron James, will shouldered most of the scoring and the point guard position.

Aside from LeBron James, who is already giving his monster performance in Game 1 in loosing effort, supporting cast Iman Shumpert, J.R Smith, Tristan Thompson, Tomofey Mosgov must give more effort to comeback and win Game 2.

The Golden State Warriors, is the team favored in winning this year NBA Championship, with or without Kyrie Irving, but due to the unexpected injury happened to Irving, the series who predicted by most fans and analysis that it will end in 6 or 7 games favored to GSW is now predicting a sweep after Irving injury reports was published.

For the Cavaliers, who is the underdog, they had the best player in the game of basketball, it will be a sweet victory to be an NBA Champion despite loosing their two all star player and left with one superstar. To James this is the time to prove to himself that he can do it without Irving and Love.

Village In Pangasinan, Puzzled On Cracked Ground In Their Barangay

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A caused of concern to all residents in a village in San Carlos City, Pangasinan . that a growing cracks in the ground that has been discovered and is not yet known which is originate and what is the caused of it.

It is said that the long crack crack in the ground saw at the back of the school in barangay Balite Sur in the city.

Report said that the cracks appeared in the said barangay after a heavy rain occurred last week.

According to Raul Bautista , principal of Balite Sur Elementary School , the crack that they discovered is long and wide cracks and it also reached some houses near the school.

At first seeing the said  cracks, it measured by the depth of  2 meters long using a bamboo stick,  It almost measured half of the bamboo stick that we used on the deep of the crack said by the residents.

As a precaution , Bautista said they advised students not to go to places with cracks on the ground.

Even some houses around the school , which also saw signs of cracks .

On the said tests conducted by the City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council 's on the area but they do not determine the cause of cracked  ground.

Based on the hazard map of the cit , there is no fault line in the said area. the local government will go and take some advised to the expert like the PHIVOLCS, to determine if there is a possible sinkhole or soil erosion that  caused the cracks in the ground .
source: GMA

What To Expect If West Valley Fault Suddenly Move?

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Its time that we really take seriously the threat of strong earthquakes from the West Valley Fault located along the Metro Manila and border of Bulacan, and Aurora, Laguna and Cavite .

Earthquake of 7.2 intensity or strength will create cracks and movement on the ground in the West Valley Fault.

This force shook Bohol and Cebu a few years ago. The earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, brought down almost all churches and many government buildings, businesses and citizens.

It can also sank to a minimum of one meter a part of crack ground and can also lift the other side beyond one meter.

With such lethal force of 7.2 earthquake and can even exert stronger?

One of the most dangerous part of the movement of West Valley Fault is the collapsing of Angat dam .
But the scariest thing if Angat Dam collapse due to West Valley Fault movement is 97 percent of its drinking water of Metro Manila came to Angat Dam will be cut.

Thousands of hectares of irrigated rice fields are defended on dam in Bulacan and Pampanga .

The Dam also gives source of electricity because it is also a power plant or hydro plant.

When Angat dam burst due to the earthquake, a 30 meters height of flood waters from the Angat dam might burst down.

It will run at a speed of one kilometer per second down to the provinces of Bulacan , Pampanga and some parts of Metro Manila in the north.

With this kind of speed of water which is equal to a speed of a bullet of a gun, there is no way that a person or place will be save. 15 million residents of Metro Manila will cut out of water, because 97 % of water came to Angat dam.

And if earthquakes occur at night, there will be a wide spread and prolonged blackouts, stopping power plant dam.

It will be very hard to carry search and rescue, due to the paralysis of hospitals and Government forces.

The Government has long known that the Angat Dam has cracks dut to old and the ravenge of recent earthquake.
source: remate

2014 - 2015 NBA Finals Players Matches And Prediction

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On June 4, US Time, a few days from now the most anticipated NBA Finals is about to happen. Where the Golden State Warriors will host the Cleveland Cavaliers at Oracle Arena, Game 1 of their best of seven finals match.

The Final's match featured reigning MVP Stephen Curry and former 4 time MVP LeBron James, aside from them two rookie coach will battle for the best rookie coach in the NBA, Steve kerr of GSW and international coach David Blatt.

Golden State

Golden State Warriors, the 1975 NBA Champion, who has been drought for 40 years are the favorites to win this year 2014 – 2015 NBA Championship. The warriors are mostly favored in this series due to their fast, run and gun style of game and with reigning MVP Stephen Curry at their side, they have a great chance of grabbing the title.

The warriors, will most likely rely on the splash brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, center Andrew Bogut, forward Draymond Green, guard Shaun Livingston, forward Harrison Barnes and guard-forward Andre Igoudala.

Klay Thompson who suffered a concussion due to a knee butting by Houston Rockets Trevor Ariza, in Game 5 of their Western Conference Finals, is reported that he will play on Game 1. While Stephen Curry, who also suffered a scary fall in Game 4 due to a pump fake by Trevor Ariza, is OK and ready for the Finals.

How the Warrior’s get into the Finals

Warrior’s beat the 8th seed New Orleans Pelicans in the 1st round with a 4 – 0 series sweep,
Warrior’s beat the 5th seed Memphis Grizzlies in the 2nd round with a 4 – 2 series.
Warrior’s beat the 2nd seed Houston Rockets in Western Conference Finals, 4 – 1 series.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers, struggle during the first half on 2014 – 2015 NBA Season, but after LeBron James, take a break for eight games and various player trades, the Cavs, are not the same team again, as they finish the regular season at 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference.

Cavaliers, franchise history has never won an NBA Title but reached the 2007 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, but unfortunately sweep by the Spurs. It was James, 1st finals appearance.

Even though that the Finals are not in favored of the Cav’s, still don’t count them out, as many people and analyst believes that the Cavs will not make it to the Finals. The Cavs proved them wrong. With LeBron in the line up, the Cavs chance are very high.

Aside from LeBron James, Cav’s will also rely to point guard Kyrie Irving, despite the injury Irving are more likely to play in the Finals, international player from Australia, Matthew Dellavedova, who played well against Atlanta Hawks, while Kyrie Irving is sideline due to injury. , Russian center Timofey Mosgov, monster rebounder center-forward Tristan Thompson, guard and defense specialist Iman Shumpert, sweet shooting J.R Smith, three point shooter James Jones.

LeBron James 6th Final’s Appearance

James, is having his 6th Final appearance, winning two NBA Championship in Miami, as of now James is 2 out of 5 in the Finals. If James and the Cav’s win the Finals it would be the first franchise championship and James 3rd ring.

James is also having his 5th straight Finals appearance , along with James Jones, the only two player in the Cavaliers with five straight finals appearance.

Cavaliers had many player who had championship experience that might be their advantage when it comes to Championship experience, LeBron James, James Jones and Mike Miller, has two NBA Championship In Miami Heat, Kedrick Perkins, has one NBA ring while he is in Boston and a finals appearance in Oklahoma Thunder.

How the Cavalier’s get into the Finals:

CAV’s beat the 7th seed Boston Celtics in the 1st round with a 4 – 0 series sweep, but loose Kevin Love, due to a broken and dislocated left shoulder.

Cav’s beat the 3rd seed Chicago Bulls in the 2nd round with a 4 – 2 series, Kyrie Irving suffered injury during the series match.

CAV’s beat the 1st seed Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals with a 4 – 0 series sweep,

Sun Subscribers May Now Use The New And More Convenient Customer Service Channel

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Good news for Sun subscribers ! a more smooth Sun experience due to the expanded options that can be used by subscribers for the service requirement even what they have. Access to after- sales assistance is easier and more convenient through SMS and online customer care platforms - SunSagot ( via text ) , mysun ( via online), and USSD ( via call ) portals for FREE.

The mysun is an online portal that allows subscribers to check the account details such as credit limit, outstanding balance and balance running quickly without the need to call the hotline or go to Sun Sun Shop . Easily accessible portal to mysun using the phone , tablet or PC . Just enter the mobile number or email address to register for the service . By mysun you will be able to view your bill and balance inquiry , account details reviews , enroll in Sun Choice rewards and much more.

The SunSagot also delivers a fast and reliable system response by text . The portal delivers information about products and services of Sun Cellular anytime for free at anytime . To use SunSagot service is text only SunSagot 1200 subscribers will receive a menu of categories to deliver the most relevant and new information about Sun products and services . Subscribers also know the latest promotions of Sun here.

USSD is done by the call . Simply dial * 247 # the subscriber on their phones and get the Sun Prepaid subscribers they will also load balance and Sun Postpaid subscribers running their bill.
source: remate