What To Expect If West Valley Fault Suddenly Move?

Its time that we really take seriously the threat of strong earthquakes from the West Valley Fault located along the Metro Manila and border of Bulacan, and Aurora, Laguna and Cavite .

Earthquake of 7.2 intensity or strength will create cracks and movement on the ground in the West Valley Fault.

This force shook Bohol and Cebu a few years ago. The earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, brought down almost all churches and many government buildings, businesses and citizens.

It can also sank to a minimum of one meter a part of crack ground and can also lift the other side beyond one meter.

With such lethal force of 7.2 earthquake and can even exert stronger?

One of the most dangerous part of the movement of West Valley Fault is the collapsing of Angat dam .
But the scariest thing if Angat Dam collapse due to West Valley Fault movement is 97 percent of its drinking water of Metro Manila came to Angat Dam will be cut.

Thousands of hectares of irrigated rice fields are defended on dam in Bulacan and Pampanga .

The Dam also gives source of electricity because it is also a power plant or hydro plant.

When Angat dam burst due to the earthquake, a 30 meters height of flood waters from the Angat dam might burst down.

It will run at a speed of one kilometer per second down to the provinces of Bulacan , Pampanga and some parts of Metro Manila in the north.

With this kind of speed of water which is equal to a speed of a bullet of a gun, there is no way that a person or place will be save. 15 million residents of Metro Manila will cut out of water, because 97 % of water came to Angat dam.

And if earthquakes occur at night, there will be a wide spread and prolonged blackouts, stopping power plant dam.

It will be very hard to carry search and rescue, due to the paralysis of hospitals and Government forces.

The Government has long known that the Angat Dam has cracks dut to old and the ravenge of recent earthquake.
source: remate