LeBron James, Seem's No Luck In NBA Finals? As He's Records Falls 2 Out Of 6

LeBron James, is a 4 time MVP, 2 time NBA Champions and  2 time Finals MVP , the most dominant player and perhaps the best basketball player of today’s basketball game.

But despite all the individual awards that he has, he is lacking of NBA Championship, despite having 2 Championship rings in Miami, he had lost 4 times in NBA Finals and the latest is the 2014 – 2015 NBA Championship against the Golden State Warriors.

James, seem’s has no luck in winning NBA Championship? He is now down  2 out of 6 in NBA Finals, He’s 2nd consecutive loss in the Finals, dated back last year when he’s still in Miami.

Despite being short handed due to some injury of key players, James  posted he’s best NBA Finals performance averaging 35 pts., 11 reb., and 8 assist. Giving his all to give a good fight on the heavily favored  Golden State Warriors.

 Many expeculations that LeBron James, might win the Finals MVP, in a loosing team, which once happen in 1969 which was awarded to Jerry West. But the history did not happen, as Andre Igoudala named the Finals MVP.

After the finals has done and a new Champion was named, LeBron James was  the most trending in social media, criticized by many? Posting some meme’s of him , insulting him and yet  only some recognized his great performance in 2015 NBA Finals.

Why many people love’s LeBron James to fall? If he only just won all the NBA Finals that he participate, he may now have 6 rings and tied Michael Jordan and maybe sealed his legacy as the greatest player ever played the game at age 30. But it did not happen, with another lost in the Finals, the comparison to MJ are now giving more gap that LBJ will never as closed to MJ, when it comes to Championship rings.

LBJ legacy is still written, they are still many years to play until he retired and perhaps when all is set and done the comparison between MJ and LBJ will be finally judge and who is the best player of all time?

Greatness is not measured on how many Championship you have? It’s a combination of individual stats and impact to your teams And for me that’s the true measurement of having the title of the greatest player of all time. For now Michael Jordan holds it.