Watch: Mars Curiosity Rover, Discovered Pyramid In Planet Mars

A viral image of what is looks like a Pyramid or a marker that has been discovered in the red "Planet Mars” by the  Mars Curiosity Rover.

The artifact was reported  to be a near perfect designed of a Pyramid, can be easily be seen on martian surface due to the size of the said artifact with a scale of a small car.

Some theory said that the artifacts might be the cap or the tip of a bigger pyramid which has been buried million of years ago? Or maybe just a marker stone?

Through the centuries, the pyramid shape markers stone has been used by many cultures as to guide travelers in desert regions. in some cases these type of marker are being used as grave stone and even monument for famous people.

The mysterious artifacts found on the red planet, with a a perfect shape of a pyramid might be no coincidence on why they are there? perhaps an ancient civilization before built it for some reason? or purpose?

As of now, Scientist  and expert are exploring  and studying the universe and nearby planets in discovering habitable and alien life through centuries.

They are more bold now in exploring the universe as they extend there exploration  in  nearby Galaxy and very distant Planet by using high technology.

One of the most intriguing planet and perhaps the most similar planet on our Planet Earth is the Planet Mars. Who once believe that life was existed on that planet. But such speculation has not been proven  on life existing on Mars.

Furthering their study through via telescopic investigations  and by sending robotics rover to further explore the said planet and after several mission some evidence  of  remains of alien civilization,
artifacts such as pyramid, evidence of  vast ancient  ocean water that proven exist some billion of years ago and UFO sighting .These are some of the reports that has been discovered in Planet Mars.
source: youtube