Maja Salvador's Hot Performance Of Twerk It Like Miley In ASAP

Maja Salvador performed a very hot dance together with Enrique Gil as ther perform  the famous song of Brandon Beal Twerk It Like Miley.

Last Sunday, June 21 in ASAP, an ABS CBN, Sunday entertainment shows, Maja and Enrique, perform their own version of  Twerk It Like Miley which gained popularity in social media and teliviewers which shows a very hot performance particularly Maja Salvador.

Maja Salvador, who has been known for her acting, singing and dancing has been dubbed as the dance princess, as many people recognized her very good dancing ability.

The dance video has gained already of  610, 410 viewer with 1,851 likes as of now in youtube and continues to grow.

Social media users, has different opinion on the performance of Maja Salvador  dancing ability and style. But most of the comments are more on praising Maja Salvador, as many says she dance great and effortless… others say that Maja should have her own dance floor  show's… other say also that Maja is an art on dancing. overall the performance of Maja Salvador dance ability has gained a lot of appreciation than criticism.