An Italian Company Are Studying On How To Convert A Fish Poop Into A Source Of Energy

Apart from making as a fertilizer or manure on the ground , Experts are now studying on how a manure of a milk fish can turn into energy sources?

Joanne Ponsoy of  GMA News Dagupan Philippines on Friday , explained  that Mang Serafin , a fishery guardian in Pangasinan , he controlled the quantity of feeds  of  milk fish for them not to die.

Aside from the heated season , it is possible to that due to milk mish poop droppings which accumulate under water may rise the growing of fish kill.

"Before the harvest , we clean and  removing  the poop droppings   in the bottom of the fishery , " said Serafin .

So with this time of  hot weather , we are forced to clean the milk fish poop droppings.

The poop or waste of the milk fish, is also being used as a fertilizer or manure  instead of throwing it away for nothing.

Now , analyzes from an Italian company studying  to make biogas, a source of energy from the poop dirt of a milk fish , as it does now in the chicken manure.

If you can use chicken poop for renewable energy like biogas , you might also see the excretion of milk fish , "said Manila mayor Arthur Celeste.

If the project becomes successful , it will help it to be clean other waterways  in Pangasinan including Caquipotan Channel to prevent fish kill.

But the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources , explained that simply removing the dirt of the fish in one way to prevent fish kill.

Still the best solution is to remove the illegal fish pen and fish cages especially in Caquipotan channel,

Too much  fish pen causes the decrease of dissolved oxygen in the water that causes the death of fish
source: GMA