Village In Pangasinan, Puzzled On Cracked Ground In Their Barangay

A caused of concern to all residents in a village in San Carlos City, Pangasinan . that a growing cracks in the ground that has been discovered and is not yet known which is originate and what is the caused of it.

It is said that the long crack crack in the ground saw at the back of the school in barangay Balite Sur in the city.

Report said that the cracks appeared in the said barangay after a heavy rain occurred last week.

According to Raul Bautista , principal of Balite Sur Elementary School , the crack that they discovered is long and wide cracks and it also reached some houses near the school.

At first seeing the said  cracks, it measured by the depth of  2 meters long using a bamboo stick,  It almost measured half of the bamboo stick that we used on the deep of the crack said by the residents.

As a precaution , Bautista said they advised students not to go to places with cracks on the ground.

Even some houses around the school , which also saw signs of cracks .

On the said tests conducted by the City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council 's on the area but they do not determine the cause of cracked  ground.

Based on the hazard map of the cit , there is no fault line in the said area. the local government will go and take some advised to the expert like the PHIVOLCS, to determine if there is a possible sinkhole or soil erosion that  caused the cracks in the ground .
source: GMA