Trivia: Remembering Nintendo Family Computer

Before there were Desktop, Laptops, Tablet, android phones  and other related gadgets that we can use to play games today, there is one family computer that once famous during the 80’s.

Nintendo Entertainment System or NES is a popular computer games during the early 80’s through 90’s. It was first released  on July 15, 1983 In Japan and became worldwide sell all over the world, it was later released in America, Europe and Australia.

The console became the most popular entertainment and exiting  game on that time,  the notable games that released by Nintendo are 1942, 2010 Street Fighter, Bomber King, Contra, Pac-Man and others but the most popular games of all time that up to know is highly recognized and being released in some latest computer games is the Mario Brothers or Super Mario.

Super Mario, the game that highly and most played game of Nintendo, even I,during my early years as a kid, I was one of the avid fans of this game. Its just like DOTA of today's popular game versus Super Mario of Nintendo.

Super Mario’s popularity came to Cinema, they create a ,movie, a sitcom, cartoons that relates on the true story of the game.

Even though, the console is very rare in to this day,somewhat we are very thankful of this consoles in the contribution in computer games, it revolutionized the computer games of today.
In 2009, the Nintendo Entertainment System was named the single greatest video game console in history by IGN.

Nintendo Console might be rarely exist today, but NES game are still, circulating and reproducing on some computer games  like desktop , laptops and other gadgets. Even the Super Mario can be seen on today's game but the popularity of the game is not it used to be.

Nowadays, computer gamer's most like role playing game, online games and other high technology games.