Injury Caused Kyrie Irving To Be Out For The Rest Of NBA Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers All star point guard Kyrie Irving, will not be available to play the remainder of NBA Finals.

Irving who already suffering injury from his knee and foot during the semi final round and conference finals, has already sidelines him for two games and was reported to be out for the rest of NBA Finals.

The all star point guard who already injured, take advantages of an eight days break after the Cavaliers sweep the Atlanta Hawks, before the finals start. But unfortunately he re-injured his injury after slipping and had an awkward falls in Game 1 of NBA Finals against the Golden State warriors, in what an exiting match till Irving suffered the injury in Overtime that might caused them to loose the game.

Irving, who undergo an MRI exam, was diagnosed of fractured left knee cap and will have surgery that will end his season. report said that the estimated time of recovery will be three to four months.

Irving who is unfortunate to missed the rest of NBA Finals, after reaching his first NBA Finals appearance together with all star forward Kevin Love, who suffered also an injury during the first round match against the Boston Celtics. Without the two all star player, the cavaliers must step up and filled their places in order to beat the heavily favored Golden state warriors.

Matthew Dellavedova, is expected to fill the shoes of injured Kyrie Irving, who has seen an impressive game against the series between Atlanta Hawks and the Cavaliers. While without the help of Irving, LeBron James, will shouldered most of the scoring and the point guard position.

Aside from LeBron James, who is already giving his monster performance in Game 1 in loosing effort, supporting cast Iman Shumpert, J.R Smith, Tristan Thompson, Tomofey Mosgov must give more effort to comeback and win Game 2.

The Golden State Warriors, is the team favored in winning this year NBA Championship, with or without Kyrie Irving, but due to the unexpected injury happened to Irving, the series who predicted by most fans and analysis that it will end in 6 or 7 games favored to GSW is now predicting a sweep after Irving injury reports was published.

For the Cavaliers, who is the underdog, they had the best player in the game of basketball, it will be a sweet victory to be an NBA Champion despite loosing their two all star player and left with one superstar. To James this is the time to prove to himself that he can do it without Irving and Love.