Mystery Of Trumpet Sounds Continue, As The Mystery Was Recorded This Time In The Philippines

A mysterious sounds that was heard in some part of the world in the past few years was once again heard and this time the latest report  was recorded in Batangas, Philippines.

The eerie Trumpet sounds was recorded by a residence in Batangas, on June 4, 2015. during that time, the viral video shows that the sky were dark and the clouds is in the form of cumulonimbus, as you can hear the mysterious sounds, that you cannot determined on what or where the sounds comes from?

PAGASA, said that the mysterious sounds might comes from the sea? Because the place where the sound was heard are near the sea and or it might comes from a bird? But expert from around the world where the similar sounds was also heard. Explained that the mysterious sounds is a natural sound of the Earth.

Our Earth has many mystery? That mystery of trumpet sound that heard in Batangas and some places in the world, might be a natural phenomenon? Similar to Aurora lights, but a further explanation must conduct more by our expert on why it is happening all over the world? And why on many places?

Some people are now might think that it is a sign of the second coming or end of the world?  Lets face it, hearing such thing like mysterious sounds? Without knowing or having no idea on where it comes from Is  a scary thing,  this is real, I watched similar report of this mysterious sounds and it is really a scary one.

Many people proven the report of trumpet sound and they were a lot of video that was recorded and uploaded in youtube.

This viral video was also reported in Philippine local news 24 oras and maybe a lot of people who watched the news are now scared or puzzled on what they watched.
sources: GMA , youtube