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Suspected Grave's Of Vampires Discovered In A Small Farm

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There are six suspected Vampires That were buried with blades and rocks in an exceedingly small farm in some village in Poland throughout the early 17th and 18th centuries.

The Vampire that were discovered is said to be were buried with sharp sickles across their throats meant to sever their heads if they tried to rise as a vampires and to take advantage of the human being. Rocks were propped at a lower place their chins to prevent them from biting.

Researchers are excavating unmarked graves of vampires at the mysterious burial cemetery site, on a farm outside the village of drawsko, for concerning six years, though the first bones of vampire that were tilled up by farmers  in somewhat in year 1929. researchers have examined 285 human skeletons, finding only 6 different odd  burials which happen to believe that a vampires grave.        

The "deviant" burial practices match historical records of Vampire mythologies and stories, that dated in  an  earliest of  11th century.

Why these people were tagged vampires, however, is lost to history.

"Back on the early days if you are doing or been suspected of practicing sorcery throughout your life, if you weren't baptized or did not have a Christian ceremony burial, if you suffered a human death  multiple reasons why you may have been targeted," said by Lesley Gregoricka, a bioarchaeologist at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, who is the one examined the skeletons.

What created the six suspected vectors of evil was in all probability sickness, researchers believe.

Researchers suspect the burial site was a general burial zone that maybe intimate waves of cholera deaths.

Long before the appearance of the scientific theory of sickness, mysterious epidemics were attributed to evil spirits in operation through its earliest victims. The initial plan was that the very first  person to die of an endemic was changing into a vampire, rising from the grave, attacking the living and spreading the sickness,"
source: scmp

Finally The First Trailer Preview Of The Upcoming New Movies Of Star War's VII "The Force Awakens"

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Finally a teaser preview has been released for the upcoming movie of the latest installment of the classic Star Wars. Star Wars: Episode VII "The Force Awakens," The  teaser preview release in some theaters  last November 28.

The preview show a wide desert, with an introduction of soft spoken words "There's been an awakening. Have you felt it?" and then a sudden surprised appearance of a Storm troopers.

A rolling android rolling in the desert, A transport vehicle carrying Storm troopers which is preparing for a battle, a lot of space ship that are used for racing in the previous Star wars episode, a Sith lord that show his sword and the appearance of the Millennium falcon with the classic background theme of the Star Wars Installment. I felt a sudden  goosebumps when I here the themes.

Fans of Star Wars are really anticipating the first trailer of the next Star Wars movie. It will be a very exiting movies to wait . unfortunately the movies will be releases December of 2015, it will take a year before we can finally watch it?

source: CNN

Former San Miguel Beer PBA Superstar Samboy Lim, Collapsed During An Exhibition Game

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PBA Legend Samboy Lim, is in a critical conditions after collapsing in an exhibition games held at Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City. Lim urgently rushed into the nearest hospital in unconscious situation.

On GMA news report it said that Lim was stretching on the bench sidelines after getting substitute.  when he suddenly collapsed. Lim have already played 6 minutes on the said exhibition games before the incident happens.

Fellow team mates on the said exhibition game like Nelson Asaytono, Allan Caidic tweeted for Prayers for the safe of their long time friend and team mates Samboy Lim.

Norman Black, former coach and team mates of Samboy Lim, was sadden by the news that was brought to him by Biboy Ravanes.

Samboy Lim, One of the Greatest Players played in the PBA, considered as one of the  most popular player next to Robert Jaworski sr. he has been pront to injury during his basketball career.

Lim, has the monicker of Skywalker because of his ability to hang in the air everytime he drives to the basket. You can see the excitement of fans every time he holds the ball on the court.
Keep Safe Idol, Prayers for you!!!

source: GMA

Katrina Halili Talks About Her Situation With Ex-Husband Kris Lawrence

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On an interview by PEP. Katrina Halili admits that she is the one who confirmed the break up to her ex-husband Kris lawrence. She explain the said breakup. its been almost a year that Kris and I break, it was January 2014. Katrina said.

Katrina decided to open because she realized that its really over. She said there's a sudden change of treatment for both of us, we are much okey today.

At first when the issue comes out, we are both uncomfortable to each other, but now we are fine.
we don't need to fight? in the first place, if we dont agree on each other? i have Katie, it might be big problem for him if we argue? Katrina said.

Maybe we need to grow? Matured!
for me i need something to finish, Kris need some time to earn and lay some money.

Its just like we are not growing if we are both together? it is much better if we have both separate ways. Katrina said.

We don't need permission to do something? same as he, do what you want to do and i don what i want to do, Katrina said.

We keep doing this for a while, he can come home to our house just like that,
the only thing that is gone is the sweetness and saying I love you! we still go to church together.

Is there love? Love as a friend. Katrina said.
how about the responsibility of Kris of being a father? we both divide the needs of Katie, like the tutorial fees in the school of Katie.

Would you accept suitors? so far i don't. I'm not looking for?

Is Kris okey to have girlfriends? its up to him, we are already separated. Katrina said
Source: GMA

A Short Tempered Uganda Nanny Almost Killed The Child She's Taking Care

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A nanny from Uganda that supposed to take care of a child that she is taking care of  but in reverse she is the one who violently abuses the young child.

The viral video which circulated in the Social media and Youtube made awareness for all the working parents that they leaving their son to the hand of a nanny.

Now The question for all working parents especially the mother, is it worth working while your son is been abused by a nanny.

Here  in the Philippines, in general most of the family they do not entrust their child to a nanny. Most of the time one of the parents should sacrifice their job. Whether it’s the father or the mother? Based on who has the better financial income.

On the video that caught by a hidden cam, the child was violently beaten by a short tempered nanny, the child which is forced to eat, slapping her face while eating and then when the child throw up the food she eated, the short tempered nanny explode his anger. The succeded movement by the nanny is evidently violence, she push the young girl into the floor, slapping her butt many times, and she even step on the young girls back despite the weight she had, putting all her weight on the child. Afterwards she carry the child into the room and you may hear the child screams.

When the father of the child  learn what happen to her son, he confronted the nanny, the nanny was in prison by the authority after seing the video of the inhuman treat of nanny to the young girl and eventually the nanny sentence for 3 years in prison for child abuse.
Source: youtube

Parental guidance is recommended

A Flying Black Horse Captured In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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A viral video which is circulating in the internet and social media which captured a strange creature or object  in a mobile phone is to belive a black horse, climbing up in the sky?

The strange viral video, was captured in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, during a thunder storm. As you can see in the video, every time the lightning strike, you can clearly see the the images of a flying black horse which I think is flying up in the sky and the images really looks like a horse.

Many of us may think its real or hoax? Well its depends on what you believe? It might be another photoshop edited? Its not possible to be a hoax, because of the technology we have today. in our technology it is easy to edit every picture, video and others? maybe its hard to believe in this viral video? but what if it is true? what would you think? why is there a black horse flying in the sky? what its represent? so many question........

watch here the viral video
source: youtube

Finally "Sting" Set His Foot On WWE

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Sting is back!!! Finally former WCW Superstar Sting set his foot on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE),  for the first time of his illustrious wretsling career.

Sting, whos real name is Steve Bordon, is a professional wrestler, whos been famous as a WCW  superstar.he  has been the 6 times World Heavyweight Champion of WCW, and been considered as the franchise of  WCW.  On his WCW career, he has been feud with Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and some other superstar which came from WWF, which is now WWE.

Photo credits to WWE

WCW last show  featured the match between Ric flair and Sting. The match was won by Sting, afterwards he hug Ric Flair. In a very heartful end of  WCW show.
Sting also has been an TNA Heavyweight Champion 2 times. Sting, will always be recognized as the Greatest WCW wrestling superstars and the greatset wrestler who never been a WWE  superstar.
On Survivor series 2014 edition, which happen last November 23. Sting, makes his first appearance in the WWE  as a professional wrestler. Making his debut at Survivor series and spoiling the victory of  the Authority.

Sting, Appeared on the Survivor series, when the authority was about to win the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match. As the match was finally over! Sting showed up!
When Sting is coming down the iles, the referre  attacked him, but he manage to counter act and knocked the referee’s out. Then he had a staredown with Triple H. Sting then dropped Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and help  Ziggler onto Rollins for the pin and win the match that cause the  The Authority to loss the match.

source: youtube

James Lead's Cav's To A 106 - 74 Win Blown Out Againt's Orlando Magic

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After loosing 4 straight games, the Cleveland Cavaliers came strong today’s game with a dominant performance againts the Orlando Magic  with the score of  106-74 win by Cav’s.

"Lebron James lead all scores with a game high 29 points, 11 assist 4 rebounds and 3 steals."

Before the game start , Lebron James, expressed himself an embarresment on his perfrormance, he criticized himself  due to the 4 straight loss that they suffered againts Denver Nuggets,  San Antonio Spurs, Washington Wizard  and Toronto Raptors.

He also added that the team is fragile, which Cavaliers Coach Blatt, agreed upon on James impression on the team.
James, came out fired  scoring the first  11 point’s of the Cavaliers, a dominant performance for  James, who ended the first quarter with 16 points, the second most point by James, this season. He’s most point this season  which is 17 points againts the New Orlean’s Pelicana.

The Cav’s blown the game wide open in the second half which they lead by 22.
At the second half the Orlando Magic, give sign of a comeback which they cut down the lead of cleveland to 12 pts.  in the 3rd quarter. But the Cav’s is simply unstoppable. Anderson Verejao, who hits 5 field goal on the 3rd quarter which put the Cav’s in a much comfortable lead.

Lebron James, never cameback in the 4rth quarter, which he finish the game high 29 points, Anderson Verejao with 14 points, Kevin love finish with 12 points , Kyrie Irving also with 12 points.

Cebu Internet Sensation Roland Abante

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Another Filipino internet sensation has been famous in the social media network.
The singing sensation was Roland Abante, from cebu. Who has a stunning voice that made him famous on youtube and got million of viewers from all over the world..

The viral video that was circulating in the social media is with his own version of the song “To Love Somebody” which also sung by Michael Bolton during his early career that Bolton made him famous.
The said viral video is taken by his friend during their Vide-oke event.

Based on his friend which is now stand as his manager they contacted an agent from the American TV network which is the NBC, which will be inviting them to guest Roland Abante In the famous show “The Ellen Show” in America. Which makes Roland very happy, the cebuano Internet sensation.

watch his version of  "To love somebody"

watch his version of  "Youre the inspiration" 

Good luck Roland Abante, another talented pinoy singer sensation, keep it up!!!
References: GMA , youtube

Whatsapp Application Implements Encryption

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In its initial part, though, Whatsapp’s messaging encryption is restricted to android, and doesn’t however apply to group messages, photos or video messages. hand tool says that Whatsapp plans to expand its Textsecure rollout into those alternative options and alternative platforms, together with Apple’s iOS, soon.

He wouldn’t specify a certain time-frame, and Whatsapp staffers declined to treat the new coding options. hand tool says the Textsecure implementation has been within the works for 6 months, since shortly once Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook last Feb.

Whatsapp’s android users alone represent a vast new user base for end-to-end encrypted messaging: Whatsapp’s page within the Google Play store lists over five hundred million downloads. Textsecure had previously been put in on solely around ten million gadgets running the cyanogen mod variant of android and regarding 500,000 alternative devices.

The only encrypted messaging system that compares in size is Apple’s iMessage, that additionally claims to use a version of end-to-end encryption. Compared with Text secure. however, Apple’s iMessage security has some serious shortcomings. iMessage doesn’t track that devices’ cryptographic keys are related to an exact user, therefore Apple might merely produce a replacement key the user wasn’t alert to to begin intercepting his or her messages.

additionally, several users unknowingly back up their hold on iMessages to Apple’s iCloud, that renders any end-to-end encryption moot. Plus, in contrast to Textsecure, iMessage doesn’t use a feature known as “forward secrecy” that makes a replacement encryption key for every message sent. this implies that anyone who collects a user’s encrypted messages and with success cracks a user’s key will rewrite all their communications, not simply the one message that uses that key.

Whatsapp’s rollout of strong coding to many lots of users is also AN unpopular  move among governments around the world, whose surveillance it might create much more tough. Whatsapp’s user base is extremely international, with giant populations of users in Europe and india.
References: wired

After Beating Algieri, Manny Said "Hes Going To Fight Me" On Mayweather

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Manny Pacquiao out box the challenger Chris Algieri on the way to win a unanimous decision, Sunday afternoon in Macao.

Algieri’s camp talked big before the fight saying that it'll be the Chris Algieri Show. His trainer Tim Lane even aforementioned that his guy would stop Pacquiao within 10 rounds.

Pacquiao put Algieri down in the canvas 6 times for the whole fight.  Michael Buffer read the scorecards as 119-103, 119-103, and 120-102 however the numbers, gaudy as these are, couldn't fully encapsulate simply however dominant Pacquiao was within the fight.

“Tonight I did my best. I came to fight.That’s enough on behalf of me,” Pacquiao aforementioned in the  interview.

“I’m assured I’d win the fight. i used to be making an attempt to go for a knockout however he was quick. He was moving.”

Move was all Algieri did within the fight. He stretched his legs before the fight, that was a foretelling of what the 13,202 fans within stage were on the brink of witness.

After uptake one in all Pacquiao’s patented left hooks, Algieri lay flat on his back whereas the crowd chanted for his head. Pacquiao tried his best to oblige however he ran out of time.

Wanting a knockout, a primary for Pacquiao since Miguel Cotto, the mostly Filipino crowd egged Pacquiao on however sound out a fighter who was glad his simply extant evidenced to be too exhausting. Pacquiao landed a handful of excellent lefts within the 12th round however Algieri created certain he’s keep out of bother the remainder of the way.

Algieri was met with a smattering of boos once it had been his turn to be interviewed. The fans needed a fight. Pacquiao tried to relinquish it to them, however Algieri wasn't as kind.

“Manny is that the best boxer,” Algieri aforementioned, “His style is nice. He’s got most expertise. Then set up was to induce him within the later rounds.”

As all Pacquiao fights finish, the Filipino legend was asked regarding fighting Floyd Mayweather.

 he replied, Yes! He’s going to fight me!” on his funny commercial

Pacquiao is aware of that this mega-fight has and can perpetually be on the far side his willingness to create it happen. creating fun of the situation and laughing regarding it had been all he might do.
References: yahoo

Manny Pacquiao Defends His WBO Welterweight Title Againts Chris Algieri

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Pacquiao will place his WBO Welterweight Championship on the line against Chris Algieri this Sunday, Macao time. In Nov. 2013, he fought outside of Las Vegas for the 1st time in over six years, defeating Brandon Rios at Macao.

 "By fighting in Macau, Manny isn't subject to US revenue enhancement," Top Rank corporate executive Bob Arum told USA nowadays.

." Few athletes have ever equaled Pacquiao’s quite $300 million in career earnings, however the boxer has found himself in monetary hassle. He’s presently battling the Philippine government, who’s searching for $75 million for unpaid taxes, stemming from fights within the U.S. The fight won’t draw large PPV numbers in Macau.

The fight can happen Sunday morning Macau time to accommodate the live american HBO PPV broadcast. Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KOs), the eight-division titleholder, are going to be creating the first defense of his title since restitution it by lopsided unanimous call against Timothy Bradley Jr.

in April in an exceedingly rematch of Bradley's hugely controversial decision in June 2012. Fighting in Macao rather than Las Vegas has become a sensible financial call for Pacquiao, who together with Floyd Mayweather Jr., is that the sport’s most well-liked athlete. as a result of he's fighting outside of the country, Pacquiao doesn’t need to worry regarding being taxed by the U.S. government on the at-least $20 million that he’s bound to earn. All of the opposite featured fighters on the pay-per-view card created weight on the primary strive.

 Flyweight Zou Shiming (5-0, 1 KO), the three-time Olympic medalist (including succeeding gold medals in 2008 and '12), created the division limit of 112 pounds for his world title agent against Kwanpichit Onesongchaigym (27-0-2, 12 KOs), of Asian country|Siam|Asian country|Asian nation}, who was additionally 112. Featherweight titleholder Vasyl Lomachenko (2-1, 1 KO), a two-time Olympic gold medalist from state, was right the division limit of 126 pounds for his initial defense. contender Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo (52-1, 33 KOs), of Thailand, was additionally 126. Las Vegas boxer Jessie vargas (25-0, 9 KOs), defensive his secondary world title for the second time, was at the division limit of 140 pounds. contender Antonio DeMarco (31-3-1, 23 KOs), the previous light-weight world titleholder from Mexico, was 139.3 pounds.

Amazon Will Have Special Sales

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Amazon is beginning Black weekday sales prior ever this year.
The online merchandiser is rolling out deals on weekday, Nov. 21, a full week earlier than the normal Black Friday..

For eight days beginning on Friday, Amazon can have new sales each 10 minutes, on everything from electronics to cloths to toys, the corporate proclaimed on Thursday. On top of these sales, Amazon can have six special "Deals of the Day," 3 on feast day and 3 a lot of on Black Friday.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get special treatment: limited-time "Lightning Deals" that you're going to get half-hour before everyone else. "Lightning Deals" are accessible either till a specified  quantity of your time runs out or all of the things accessible are sold-out.

Traditionally, on-line retailers waited till when Black friday to introduce sales, sometimes on the Monday when Thanksgiving, referred to as "Cyber Monday." however retailers like Walmart and Kmart are providing Black friday deals earlier and earlier at their brick-and-mortar stores and on-line. Amazon and different on-line retailers ought to create their deals earlier to contend.

To make these sales happen, Amazon is hiring additional staff... and robots. the corporate has already been using a lot of robots in its warehouses to fill orders. the corporate has conjointly employed 80,000 seasonal staff, 10,000 over in 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Amazon was the most-visited on-line merchandiser within the U.S. on Black friday last year, per ComScore.
References: huffingtonpost

Google Nexus 6 Is Too Large For Most Human

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The mobile is extremely big. Too large, in fact, for many humans. Back once it had been simply a rumor that Google would be selecting Motorola to supply the Nexus six hardware, which it'd so be a monster with a 6-inch show, I lamented the phabletization of the Nexus line before it had been even a true issue.

 Now, I’ve had some time with the device, and whereas a part of me still feels an equivalent, another half should acknowledge that Google might have gotten it right with a “go huge or go home” strategy for this generation of hardware.

For me, and for almost the other everyday user of the Nexus six, there’s absolute confidence thatone thing additional love the Nexus five, albeit with simply higher battery life, a much bettercamera, improved specs and an updated show would’ve been the desirable possibility. Not least as a result of such an unexciting iteration would most likely are able to keep the value down, that means you’d have another nice pure android option at a fraction of the value of most locked, contract-only devices.

Which is nice, in so far as you concentrate on the aim of the Nexus program to make reasonable, easy-to-access devices with technology aimed toward suiting the wants of the best range of individuals. Nexus isn't a populist program, but – it’s a reference hardware initiative that Google undertook as a result of it needed to assist show OEMs the way to get the foremost out of android,and since it needed developers to be able to build for a selected set of criteria that may largely serve them well once their apps appeared on different android devices, too.

Some speculate that the Nexus six was really only 1 of the many devices that were supposed toparticipate within the android Silver program, that would’ve replaced Nexus devices with hardware from numerous OEMs that contained a pure version of android with bonded timely updates. That theory suggests that the Nexus six is however one amongst a spread of various styles ofsmartphones, a number of that would’ve resembled the Nexus five additional closely, and in theorybeen more broadly-aimed devices.

A Kid Woke Up From Dead Said "Jesus Christs is Black"

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A young white Christian boy who in brief died on a surgeon’s operating table throughout a liver transplant this past weekend says he met Jesus Christ and he was Black.

Billy Landers, the son of a widely known KKK member in Mobile, Alabama, who was stricken by liver failure was technically dead for ten minutes before being revived. throughout that point the 13-year-old claims he visited the Afterlife.

“It was all Blacks,” he told WKRG news once the ordeal. “There were a number of white people, however they were simply entertaining the black people, like enjoying basketball. there have been legion black angels observance them play basketball.” Landers aforementioned. “Jesus was also Black. “Jesus wasn’t white like dad says he's.”

“I asked my father ‘Why is Jew a black?’ He couldn’t answer. I’d been instructed that God and Jesus despised black those that God cursed them by turning their skin black. That they were ‘mud people.’”

Billy’s father aforementioned his son’s expertise has not created him question racism associated an Anglo-Saxon Jew.

“It’s sort of troubling to me that he came back with stories of Blacks in Heaven,” he told reporters, “but clearly my son is stricken by some style of schizophrenia or one thing. There’s no approach Jesus could be a Black I’m progressing to have my boy placed on antipsychotics medications.”

Everywhere round the world the hashtag #jesusisblack is trending.
References: huzlers