A Short Tempered Uganda Nanny Almost Killed The Child She's Taking Care

A nanny from Uganda that supposed to take care of a child that she is taking care of  but in reverse she is the one who violently abuses the young child.

The viral video which circulated in the Social media and Youtube made awareness for all the working parents that they leaving their son to the hand of a nanny.

Now The question for all working parents especially the mother, is it worth working while your son is been abused by a nanny.

Here  in the Philippines, in general most of the family they do not entrust their child to a nanny. Most of the time one of the parents should sacrifice their job. Whether it’s the father or the mother? Based on who has the better financial income.

On the video that caught by a hidden cam, the child was violently beaten by a short tempered nanny, the child which is forced to eat, slapping her face while eating and then when the child throw up the food she eated, the short tempered nanny explode his anger. The succeded movement by the nanny is evidently violence, she push the young girl into the floor, slapping her butt many times, and she even step on the young girls back despite the weight she had, putting all her weight on the child. Afterwards she carry the child into the room and you may hear the child screams.

When the father of the child  learn what happen to her son, he confronted the nanny, the nanny was in prison by the authority after seing the video of the inhuman treat of nanny to the young girl and eventually the nanny sentence for 3 years in prison for child abuse.
Source: youtube

Parental guidance is recommended