Whatsapp Application Implements Encryption

In its initial part, though, Whatsapp’s messaging encryption is restricted to android, and doesn’t however apply to group messages, photos or video messages. hand tool says that Whatsapp plans to expand its Textsecure rollout into those alternative options and alternative platforms, together with Apple’s iOS, soon.

He wouldn’t specify a certain time-frame, and Whatsapp staffers declined to treat the new coding options. hand tool says the Textsecure implementation has been within the works for 6 months, since shortly once Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook last Feb.

Whatsapp’s android users alone represent a vast new user base for end-to-end encrypted messaging: Whatsapp’s page within the Google Play store lists over five hundred million downloads. Textsecure had previously been put in on solely around ten million gadgets running the cyanogen mod variant of android and regarding 500,000 alternative devices.

The only encrypted messaging system that compares in size is Apple’s iMessage, that additionally claims to use a version of end-to-end encryption. Compared with Text secure. however, Apple’s iMessage security has some serious shortcomings. iMessage doesn’t track that devices’ cryptographic keys are related to an exact user, therefore Apple might merely produce a replacement key the user wasn’t alert to to begin intercepting his or her messages.

additionally, several users unknowingly back up their hold on iMessages to Apple’s iCloud, that renders any end-to-end encryption moot. Plus, in contrast to Textsecure, iMessage doesn’t use a feature known as “forward secrecy” that makes a replacement encryption key for every message sent. this implies that anyone who collects a user’s encrypted messages and with success cracks a user’s key will rewrite all their communications, not simply the one message that uses that key.

Whatsapp’s rollout of strong coding to many lots of users is also AN unpopular  move among governments around the world, whose surveillance it might create much more tough. Whatsapp’s user base is extremely international, with giant populations of users in Europe and india.
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