Suspected Grave's Of Vampires Discovered In A Small Farm

There are six suspected Vampires That were buried with blades and rocks in an exceedingly small farm in some village in Poland throughout the early 17th and 18th centuries.

The Vampire that were discovered is said to be were buried with sharp sickles across their throats meant to sever their heads if they tried to rise as a vampires and to take advantage of the human being. Rocks were propped at a lower place their chins to prevent them from biting.

Researchers are excavating unmarked graves of vampires at the mysterious burial cemetery site, on a farm outside the village of drawsko, for concerning six years, though the first bones of vampire that were tilled up by farmers  in somewhat in year 1929. researchers have examined 285 human skeletons, finding only 6 different odd  burials which happen to believe that a vampires grave.        

The "deviant" burial practices match historical records of Vampire mythologies and stories, that dated in  an  earliest of  11th century.

Why these people were tagged vampires, however, is lost to history.

"Back on the early days if you are doing or been suspected of practicing sorcery throughout your life, if you weren't baptized or did not have a Christian ceremony burial, if you suffered a human death  multiple reasons why you may have been targeted," said by Lesley Gregoricka, a bioarchaeologist at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, who is the one examined the skeletons.

What created the six suspected vectors of evil was in all probability sickness, researchers believe.

Researchers suspect the burial site was a general burial zone that maybe intimate waves of cholera deaths.

Long before the appearance of the scientific theory of sickness, mysterious epidemics were attributed to evil spirits in operation through its earliest victims. The initial plan was that the very first  person to die of an endemic was changing into a vampire, rising from the grave, attacking the living and spreading the sickness,"
source: scmp