A Kid Woke Up From Dead Said "Jesus Christs is Black"

A young white Christian boy who in brief died on a surgeon’s operating table throughout a liver transplant this past weekend says he met Jesus Christ and he was Black.

Billy Landers, the son of a widely known KKK member in Mobile, Alabama, who was stricken by liver failure was technically dead for ten minutes before being revived. throughout that point the 13-year-old claims he visited the Afterlife.

“It was all Blacks,” he told WKRG news once the ordeal. “There were a number of white people, however they were simply entertaining the black people, like enjoying basketball. there have been legion black angels observance them play basketball.” Landers aforementioned. “Jesus was also Black. “Jesus wasn’t white like dad says he's.”

“I asked my father ‘Why is Jew a black?’ He couldn’t answer. I’d been instructed that God and Jesus despised black those that God cursed them by turning their skin black. That they were ‘mud people.’”

Billy’s father aforementioned his son’s expertise has not created him question racism associated an Anglo-Saxon Jew.

“It’s sort of troubling to me that he came back with stories of Blacks in Heaven,” he told reporters, “but clearly my son is stricken by some style of schizophrenia or one thing. There’s no approach Jesus could be a Black I’m progressing to have my boy placed on antipsychotics medications.”

Everywhere round the world the hashtag #jesusisblack is trending.
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